Construction of Four Early Childhood Development Centers

Bid 52/2023

See details below or the tender documentation

Tender Closed on: 2023-12-11 12:00

Nyandeni Local Municipality

Construction and Building Services

Eastern Cape, Libode

Nyandeni Local Municipality

Nyandeni Local Municipality Tenders

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Tender Notice and Invitation to Tender
Construction of Four Early Childhood Development Centers
Employer Tender Number: Bid 52/2023
cidb Reference Number: 100089935
It is estimated that tenderers should have a cidb contractor grading of 4GB or higher. 3GB Potentially Emerging Enterprises who satisfy
criteria stated in the Tender Data may submit Tender offers.
Only tenderers who Score a minimum of 60% for functionality will be considered for further evaluation. Functionality will be assessed as
Capacity to undertake the job
Experience & Expertise relevant to the job 10
•Attach CVs of Key Personnel
•Attach all completion certificates and appointment letters supporting past experience
Sound Methodology
•Detailed labour intensive work plan with clear milestones, numbers and dates
•Detailed Local Economic Development Plan with clear targets (%)

Scores or Values of 1-5 will be awarded to Bidders, Where: 1= Poor; 2 = Acceptable; 3 = Good; 4 = Very Good & 5 = Excellent. Price
will be evaluated on the 80/20 points system and only tenderes in that procurement range
Price - 80 Points
Specific goals- 20 Points
Specific GoalsPoints
Disabled 5
Youth 5
Women (Female)5
Black 5
are eligible to submit tenders.
A non-refundable tender deposit of R630.00 payable by proof of deposit , cash or bank guaranteed cheque is required on collection of
the Tender documents.
A compulsory clarification meeting with representitives of the Employer will take place at Local Municipality, B. N. Nomandela Drive,
Libode, 5160 on 2023/11/20 starting at 10h00.
An additional compulsory clarification meeting with representitives of the Employer will take place at Site Meeting to be confirmed in the
briefing session. on 2023/11/20 starting at 11h00
Queries relating to the issues of these documents may be addressed to:
Jongikhaya Sikhuni
Tel No. 0475555000
E-mail. [email protected]

Luyolo Sheyi
Tel No. 0475555000
E-mail. [email protected]
Zimvo Madyibi
Tel No. 0475555036
E-mail. [email protected]
The closing time for receipt of Tenders is 12h00 on Monday, December 11, 2023.
Emailed and Late Tenders will not be accepted.
Tenders may only be submitted on the tender documentation that is issued.
Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivering, opening and assessment of Tenders are stated in the Tender Data.

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