Appointment of a Service Provider to Provide Umbrella Fund (Provident Fund), Risk Benefits and Medical Aid Consulting Services for the NYDA for a Period of Three(3) Years

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NYDA2019/ 01/ HR

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Tender Closed on: 2019-11-15 11:00

National: National Youth Development Agency: Supply Chain Management

Gazette 3082 2019-10-18

National Youth Development Agency Tenders

APPOINTMENT OF A SERVICE PROVIDER TO PROVIDE UMBRELLA FUND (PROVIDENT FUND), RISK BENEFITS AND MEDICAL AID CONSULTING SERVICES FOR THE NYDA FOR A PERIOD OF THREE(3) YEARSBriefing Session: To be held on 29 October 2019, at 11:00. A Compulsory Briefing Session will be held (Note late comers will not be allowed).Site Meeting(s): 54 Maxwell Drive, Woodmead (Woodmead North Office Park, Block A, NYDA Building).Bids obtainable from:, Cost of Documents: FREEPost or Deliver Bids to: 54 Maxwell Drive Woodmead. (Woodmead North Office Park, Block A)For technical information please contact: Mr. Tshepo Moeng. Tel: (087) 158 5738 Email: [email protected] Hours: 08H00 TO 17H00.For completion of bid documents please contact: Lucky Hlatywayo,Tel: (087) 158 5738, Email: [email protected], Hours: 08H00 TO 17H00.