Appointment of Contractor for Security Upgrade: Blinkpan Police Station: Mpumalanga Province

Tender Summary:

19/ 1/ 9/ 1/34TB(19)

See details below or the tender documentation

Tender Closed on: 2019-11-12 11:00

Mpumalanga: Department of Police: National Supply Chain Management

Gazette 3080 2019-10-04

CCTV, Access Control, Biometric Security and Alarm Systems

Mpumalanga, Pretoria

Nkangala District Municipality, South African Police Service

Nkangala District Municipality Tenders

APPOINTMENT OF CONTRACTOR FOR SECURITY UPGRADE: BLINKPAN POLICE STATION: MPUMALANGA PROVINCEBriefing Session: To be held on 22 October 2019, at 11:00. Compulsory site meeting to be held on 2019/10/22 at 11:00 at SAPS Blinkpan, Mainroad Blinkpan Near (Komati Power station), Mpumalanga Province. Direction can be obtained at Captain Mgwena 082 318 9542.Site Meeting(s): Prospective bidders to be meet at SAPS Blinkpan, Mainroad Blinkpan Near( Komati Powerstation) Nkangala District Municipality, Mpumalanga Province, on 2019-10-22 @ 11:00. NO BID DOCUMENTS WILL BE HANDED OUT / DISTRIBUTED DURING COMPULSORY SITE CLARIFICATION MEETING. Compulsory sitemeeting will start at 11:00. No person will be allowed after 11:00..Bids obtainable from: South African Police Service 117 Cresswell road, Silverton, Pretoria and also at HTTP://, Cost of Documents: free of charge, Payment Details: n/a, Notes: Required CIDB grading of grade 3 ( R 650 000.00 to R 2 000 000.00) GB (General Building) or Higher.Post or Deliver Bids to: Hand delivered: South African Police Service, Supply Chain Management, 117 Cresswell Road, Silverton, Pretoria. Post: South African Police Service, Supply Chain Management, private bag x254, Pretoria 0001. Envelope is correctly addressed as indicated in the bid document, lodged in a separate sealed envelope with the name and address of the bidder, the bid number and the closing date indicated on the envelope and that the bid must reach the Department (SAPS) on / before 2019/11/12 at 11:00.For technical information please contact: Colonel Baliso. Tel: 012 349 6078. Fax: 012 845 8762 Email: [email protected] Hours:07:30 to 16:00.For completion of bid documents please contact: Captain Paul, Tel: 012 841 7720, Email: [email protected], Hours: 07:30 to 16:00.Documents is not available in electronic format.

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