Department of Social Development: Richards Bay: Installation of New Galvanised Palisade Fence, Glass Tinting, Investigation of Roof Leaks, Replacement of Damaged Ceiling, Cutting of Trees, Steel Burglar Gates and Painting

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KCD 19/ 20104

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Tender Closed on: 2020-01-10 11:00

KwaZulu-Natal: Department of Public Works: supply chain management

Gazette 3089 2019-12-06

Building Upgrades and Maintenance, Fencing and Gates, Gardening, Vegetation Management and Landscaping Services, Glass Supply, Maintenance and Glazing, Painting, Corrosion Treatment and Abrasive Blasting, Waterproofing

Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, Richards Bay

Department of Social Development, Kwazulu Natal - Public Works

Department of Social Development TendersKwazulu Natal - Public Works Tenders

Department of Social Development: Richardsbay: Installation of new galvanised palisade fence, glass tinting, investigation of roof leaks, replacement of damaged ceiling, cutting of trees, steel buglar gates and painting. CIDB Grading: 2SQ/CE or Higher Contract period: 05 months. Only bidders registered on Eyesizwe Contractor Development Programme are allowed to submit quotations.Briefing Session: To be held on 13 December 2019, at 11:00. On site, DSD Richardsbay.Site Meeting(s): On site, DSD Richardbay.Bids obtainable from: King Cetshwayo District office, Eshowe, Cost of Documents: R190.00 non- refundable, Payment Details: ABSABANK: ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4072485515, BRANCH CODE: 630495: REFERENCE NUMBER: 14019639, ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME: KZN PROV GOV- WORKS, Notes: N/A.Post or Deliver Bids to: N/A. Documents will be as from 06 December 2019For technical information please contact: Ms N.P. Mhlongo. Tel: 035 474 2066. Fax: 035 474 3165 Email: N/A. Hours: 07:30 TO 12:30 AND 13:00TO 15:00.For completion of bid documents please contact: Mrs E.G. Sangweni,Tel: 035 474 2066, Fax: 0354743165, Email: [email protected], Hours: 07:30-12:30 AND 13:00 TO 15:00.The Department reserves the right not to award more than one service to any single entity or JV, Multiple awards will be limited per entity..

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