Land Port of Entry: Pafuri: Supply and Installation of Solar Panel

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H19/ 026 AI

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2020-01-17 11:00

Gauteng: Department of Public Works: SCM

Gazette 3088 2019-11-29

Electrical Equipment and Supplies

Gauteng, Limpopo, Pretoria

Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works Tenders

Land Port of Entry: Pafuri: Supply and Installation of Solar Panel B-BB-EE Level Required: Level 1 Level 2 only!! sworn affidavit should be issued by DTI:B-BB EE must be SANAS accredited: Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.
Briefing Session: To be held on 11 December 2019, at 11:00. Pafuri Border Post Venue: Pafuri Border PostTIME: 11:00 NB: Pafuri border post is located between RSA and Mozambique at Limpopo Province inside the Kruger National Park..
Site Meeting(s): Pafuri Border Post Main Entrance Gate Dates: 11 December 2019Time:11:00.
Bids obtainable from: Department of Public works and Infrastructure, CGO Buildings,Bosman and Madiba ST, Room 121:the documents will be downloaded for free at za: step 1: tender advertised: step 2: search by Department or tender number: step 3 double click on the tender description: step 4: double click on the document then download
ORthe document can be purchased at the Departmental premises at the none refundable deposit of R100,00: cash only at the Departmental premises: NB: no electronic payment if purchased., Payment Details: Cash only if purchased! NB:no electronic payment at the Departmental premises!!, Notes: minimum functionality is 50% to be considered further for price and preference, 80/20 scoring system will be used..
Post or Deliver Bids to: Attention to:Procurement Office:Joseph Nyalunga:Department of Public works and Infrastructure,CGO Building,Bosman and Madiba ST, Private bag x65, 0001. Department of Public Works and Infrastructure: Head Office: Room 121, CentralGovernment Office (CGO) Corner Bosman and Madiba(Old vermuleun) ST Pretoria Central, 0001 NB: NO LATE BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED THE CLOSING IS AT 11H00 SHARP!!For technical information please contact: Goodwill Lukhele. Tel: 012 406 1124/ 082 957 4451 Email: [email protected] Hours: 07h30- 12h45 13h30-15h30.
For completion of bid documents please contact: Joseph Nyalunga, Tel: 012 406 1655, Email: [email protected], Hours: 07:30- 12h45 13h30-15h30.
minimum functionality is 50%: Company previous experience/Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent 25%: Availability of competent persons 25%: Tenerers methodology statement must cover all mandatory standard services under 6 stages of construction project 25%: Submission of proof of business address 15%: Submission of bank rating from bank institution 10%.

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