Pretoria: Provision of Cleaning Services at Atteridgeville Magistrate Court for a Period of 24 Months (EPWP Project)

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PT19/ 033

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2020-01-21 11:00

Gauteng: Department of Public Works: Pretoria Regional Office

Gazette 3088 2019-11-29

Cleaning Services

Gauteng, Pretoria

Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works Tenders

Pretoria: Provision of Cleaning Services at Attridgeville Magistrate Court for a period of 24 months (EPWP Project)Briefing Session: To be held on 11 December 2019, at 10:00. Compulsory.Site Meeting(s): Pretoria: 329 Pretorius street, Momentum Building Auditorium 6.Bids obtainable from: 251 Nana Sita & Thabo Sehume street, AVN Building, Pretoria, Cost of Documents: R100.00, Payment Details: Cash only, Notes: Document also available on or Deliver Bids to: 251 Nana Sita & Thabo Sehume street, AVN Building, Pretoria. Late posted documents will not be consideredFor technical information please contact: Ms. M. Lamani. Tel: 012 310 5948/079 877 7758 Email: [email protected] Hours: 8am to 14:45pm.For completion of bid documents please contact: Ms. Mmabore Manala, Tel: 012 492 3020, Email: [email protected], Hours: 8am to 14:45pm.Minimum functionality score to qualify for further evaluation is 50%. Bidders must comply with Prequalification Criteria of BBBEE status level of 1 and 2 who are EME or QSE. Adjudication of bids are open for public observation..

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