The South African Social Security Agency Hereby Invites Medical Practitioners for Expression of Interest for Health Professionals (medical Doctors) and Firms of Health Professionals (medical Management Firms) to Be Listed on Sassa Northern Cape Database and Contracted to Perform Disability Assessments on Behalf of Sassa

Tender Summary:

SASSA- 13- 20- GA- NC

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2020-10-02 11:00

Northern Cape: South African Social Security Agency: Grant Administration

Gazette 3123 2020-09-11

Human health and social work activities, Medical Services, Occupational Health and Safety, Registry of Potential Suppliers

Northern Cape

South African Social Security Agency

South African Social Security Agency Tenders

The South African Social Security Agency hereby invites Medical Practitioners for Expression of interest for health professionals (medical doctors) and firms of health professionals (medical management firms) to be listed on SASSA Northern Cape database and contracted to perform disability assessments on behalf of SASSA

Bids obtainable from: Documents are obtainable from the National Treasury eTender publication portal:, Cost of Documents: N/A, Payment Details: N/A, Notes: No documents will be issued at any SASSA offices..

Post or Deliver Bids to: Du Toitspan Building 95-97 Du Toitspan Road. NB: By 1st September 2015 all suppliers doing business with government should be registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) and all organs of state need to utilize the suppliers registered on Central Supplier Database when procuring goods and services. Kindly register your business on National Treasury Central Supplier Database, to register visit:

For technical information please contact: Mr Dennis Steenkamp. Tel: 079 877 3904. Fax: N/A Email: [email protected] Hours: 08:00-16:00 Mon-Fri.

For completion of bid documents please contact: Mrs Kgololesego Nothile, Tel: 082 235 1523, Fax: N/A, Email: [email protected],Hours: 08:00-16:00 Mon-Fri.