AB Enviro Consult

AB Enviro Consult (CC) is a registered consultancy, owned and operated as an independent unit by the registered owner and consultant: Prof. A.B. de Villiers
• Mr J.P. De Villiers joined the consultancy during 2004
• Mrs J.E. du Plooy is a consultant since 2001

Over a period of 25 years (1996-2021) this consultancy has successfully applied for, and obtained positive ROD’s and EA’s for more than 380 projects. Environmental Control Officer’s duties are also performed on various projects.

The company was involved (from 1992-1994) in evaluation of 114 applications for the subdivision of land, 23 applications for resort developments, and 54 applications for business rights for the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and the Environment - North West Province.

JP de Villiers holds a M.Sc. in Geography from the North West University’s Department of Geography and Environmental
Management. He started as a junior EAP in 2004 with AB Enviro Consult and was promoted in 2007 to senior EAP.

During 2011 he was appointed as the Manager of the North West University, EIA Pro-Bono Office. This office is an initiative of, and funded by, the DEA. (This was a three year contract between DEA and NWU that was extended by one year) As Manager of this office, Mr. de Villiers had the following responsibilities:
o Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments for municipalities on a pro-bono basis.
o Provide environmental management training to North West Municipalities.
o Provide environmental assistance to North West Municipalities.
o Undertake research related to Environmental Impact Management within the North West Municipal
o Marketing for stakeholder ‘pro-bono’ expert donations.
o Marketing for corporate ‘pro-bono’ funding.
As EAP, Mr. de Villiers has been directly involved in obtaining 292 Environmental Authorizations and has performed
the duties of Environmental Control Officer (ECO) for 32 developments. His responsibilities as Senior EAP includes the
Duties pertaining to Basic Assessments, EIA and Scoping and Section 24 G Applications:
 Marketing and communication with clients
 Communication with authorities, source and analyse relevant baseline information and undertake site
 Compile Environmental Application Form for the project and submit to the authorities
 Compile an information requirements list that is distributed to the project team. The Information
required would assist with completion of the Report.
 Identify key interested and affected parties (I&APs)
 Compilation of terms of reference for specialist studies
 Commission specialist studies
 Compile and publish media notices in relevant newspapers
 Compile and place poster/s along the boundary of the site
 Hold a public meeting / Open House / focus meeting with I&APs
 Receive and address comments from public
 Undertake assessment phase by assessing and evaluating potential impacts identified.
 Review and manage specialist studies.
 Compile and distribute Draft Reports (Including Environmental Management Programmes)
 Should the Reports require substantial changes, these changes are incorporated into the final reports
and distributed
 Address comments received on the final Report, finalise Report and submit to authorities
 Once the decision is issued, all I&Ps are formally informed of the decision
Duties pertaining to Environmental Control Officer
 Preparation (Compilation) and submission of Environmental Control Document.
 Training of and leasing with the Engineers Representative.
 Communicate with the Contractor.
 A monthly visit to the site during the construction period. Should any Environmental incident occur, an
immediate site visit is undertaken.
 Monitoring and auditing according to the approved EMP and EA.
 Compilation of a written audit report for each site visits during the construction phase
 Liaising with the Compliance section of the Competent Authority

North West, Potchefstroom

Environmental Monitoring, Assessment and Consulting

Mr. JP de Villiers