Business Listing for GASA FUTURE LEADERS PTY LTDGASA FUTURE LEADERS has been established as a small company during year 2020 founded by Thokozane Msibi. The company is a Private company, which strives at working with goals-driven people, the company aims to changing the living standards for the previously disadvantaged individuals. It will further look at making awareness in youth, with the hope of helping them secure their career paths and creating much needed employment.

To be a high performing community development company, through our people delivering exceptional projects safely and effectively. Furthermore, being dedicated to providing absolutely the highest possible quality work environment for our employees

1. To close gap. Main aim is to close the gap between the haves and have not in different communities.
2. Solve community problems. To solve different problems faced by community people(unemployment).
3. To create interest. Lot of young people don’t know much about business, the company is coming with an improvement strategy on uplifting the youth and the previously disadvantaged.
4. To bring reforms. It’s going to helps them in eradication of social evils which are the grass roots of brings social disorder in the community.
5. To motivate people. Programs are working on motivation of community people.
6. To aware the people. People need to know what the business aims to do and what change does it have for them, help them have a voice in whatever they wish for.

Mpumalanga, Amersfoort

Advertising and Marketing, Car Wash Services, Cleaning Services, Consulting Services, Construction and Building Supplies

Thokozane Msibi