Lethato (pty) LTD

Business Listing for Lethato (pty) LTDLethato (pty) LTD is a general goods supplies company. It was founded in 2018 and registered and incorporated as a Company on 5th of March 2018 under Companies Act. Its focus is effective and efficient provision of general goods and supplies to both private and government sectors. It pools together the efforts of young minds, with great interpersonal skills and versatility to perform duties. Lethato (Pty) Ltd aims at provision of a wide variety of goods and services. We realize that our customers have many options when selecting a general supplies provider. We are committed to being supplier of choice. Our staff is driven by customer satisfaction. The highly experienced staff of Lethato (Pty) Ltd will provide with professionalism the quality and quantity of goods and services you deserve.

Gauteng, Centurion

Land Surveying, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Printing Supplies and Stationery, Electrical Services, Supplies: Clothing/Textiles/Footwear

Marve Moyo

[email protected]

+27 67 677 9923