Tender Notification Packages and Pricing

Paid Notifications

We offer Paid Notifications to send out an email whenever a tender is loaded onto the site and is categorised. To subscribe to one of these plans, choose one of the options below

  • Notifications are sent out when new tenders are loaded and have been sorted by Category, Location and Department
  • Only tenders for the Category and Department/Company you specify will be sent to you, and subscribers can also choose the Province applicable to the tender
  • You will not receive notification for tenders you are not interested in, which saves you time going through tenders every day
  • Tender details are sent straight to your Inbox so you don’t have to visit the site to view them, including links to any tender documentation, if available

You will be able to specify the following to be able to receive tenders classified into their categories:

  • Up to Five Tender Categories (like Services: General, Supplies: General, etc)
  • Up to Five State Departments, Municipalities/Provinces or Companies (Like Eskom or City of Johannesburg)
  • Up to Ten Keywords or Keyphrases

Payment Methods

Place an order and during checkout choose Payfast. You do not need to have a Payfast account, just enter your credit card details into the secure form and the account will be activated immediately on successful payment.

Payfast also has a feature called InstantEFT where you login to your online banking while on the secure Payfast payment form and the payment will go through immediately and the account will be activated. This means you pay using your bank account instead of a credit card, but because the bank is connected to Payfast, payments go through faster

Place an order and during checkout choose “EFT Payment”. The system will then email you an invoice with our banking details. Make your payment using your bank’s electronic banking or at a branch and send proof of payment to [email protected] Your account will be activated when we receive proof of payment or when the payment shows in the bank account

Payments will take 1 to 2 working days to reflect if you are not making a payment from Nedbank, but we will activate the account immediately on receipt of a valid proof of payment

Free Tender Newsletter

We send out a Daily Free newsletter to subscribers. This takes the form of an email that is sent once a day and includes an unsorted list of all the state tenders (etenders) that were added to the site since the previous morning. To view tender details you need to click the tender links in the email.

  • Notification takes place once a day only
  • Only tenders added in the last day
  • Notifications are not sorted by category or location

To start receiving the Free email every day, enter your details in the following form


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