Appointment of a Service Provider for the Development of a Ten-year Business Plan for La Mercy Joint Venture (LMJV)

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2020-06-02 13:00

2020-06-18 11:00

Financial Services, Research, Consultancy and Professional Services

KwaZulu-Natal, La Mercy

Dube Tradeport

Dube Tradeport Tenders

JV/RFP/03/PRO/02/2020: Appointment of a service provider for the development of a ten-year Business Plan for La Mercy Joint Venture (LMJV)


Dube TradePort Corporation (DTPC) a provincial public entity (section 3C in terms of the Public Finance Management Act) and Airports Company South Africa entered into a joint venture, forming the La Mercy JV Property Investments (Pty) LTD (LMJV) trading as Khwezela. Refer to for more information on La Mercy JV Property Investments (Pty) Ltd (LMJV).


LMJV invites proposals from suitably qualified and experienced professional service provider to prepare a Business Plan for the La Mercy Joint Venture (LMJV).


The primary objective of this project is to conduct an appraisal of all LMJV portions of land and propose options for development.

This should entail (for each portion): -

  • A situational and market analysis from a demand and supply perspective

  • A cost benefit analysis for the development thereof (assess the development potential; high level costing of the bulk services and platforming for each zone)

  • A business model (including the financial feasibility) for the release of each portion


In line with the PPPFA regulations, 2017 sub regulation 4(1) (a), the prequalification criteria for this bid is that only companies who meet with the following are eligible to tender:


  1. Only bidders who subcontract 40% of the bid value and scope to Black Owned EME/QSE Companies are eligible to tender;

  2. Companies which are Black Owned EME/QSE will be exempted from complying with (a) above.




All proposals will be evaluated in various stages – compliance and functionality will be assessed and thereafter all responsive proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the PPPFA regulations, 2017 using the 80/20 preference points system.



Bid documents will only be available from, 25th May 2020 up to 1st June 2020 during the weekdays (Mon – Fri) between 08h30 and 16h00, at the Dube TradePort Corporation offices at 7 Umsinsi Junction, 4th floor, 29˚ South, La Mercy, KwaZulu-Natal. A non-refundable document fee of R250 (Two hundred and fifty Rands) must be paid via EFT and must be emailed in order for the Bid Documents to be sent via email. No cash will be accepted and proof of payment must be produced on collection of the Bid Documents. Please allow 2 days for funds to reflect in the account. DTPC will only email documents once the payment has been cleared in its bank account. Payments must contain the reference, “JV/RFP/03/PRO/02/2020” and must clearly identify the Bidder, e.g. “ABC Consortium”. Electronic versions of these documents will only be available on confirmation and/or proof of payment.



LA Mercy JV Property Investments (Pty) Ltd banking details:

Bank: Nedbank, A/C No.: 164 818 2224, Branch Code: 198 765, A/C Name: LA Mercy JV Property Investments (Pty) Ltd, Account type: Current


A NON-COMPULSORY briefing session meeting (Virtual / Physical) for service providers, who have paid for and collected the Bid Documents during the collection period as specified above, will be held at DTPC, 7 Umsinsi Junction, 4th Floor, 29° South, La Mercy KwaZulu Natal on, 2nd June 2020 at 13h00.


Enquiries should be directed via email: [email protected]




Proposals must be submitted at the DTPC offices on or before 11h00, South African time on 18th JUNE 2020. Documents should be clearly marked “APPOINTMENT OF A SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A TEN-YEAR BUSINESS PLAN FOR LA MERCY JOINT VENTURE (LMJV).


Tender Documents:

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