Appointment of a Service Provider to Supply & Deliver of Ajax-street Lights Fittings

Tender Summary:

114 0920

See details below or the tender documentation

2020-09-23 12:00

Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Manufacture of Electrical Equipment, Supply and Delivery Services

Bethlehem, Free State

Dihlabeng Local Municipality

Dihlabeng Local Municipality Tenders


Procurement from R30 000, 00 up to a transaction value of R200 000, 00 (including Vat)

(For publication on Dihlabeng Local Municipality Website and Notice Board)

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114 0920


Appointment of a service provider to supply and deliver Ajax-Street Lights Fittings




Mr S Masoeu


058 303 5732











Time: 12:00

Documents are available from:

Supply Chain Management Office; Dihlabeng Local Municipality 9 Muller Street East Bethlehem 9700, Dihlabeng Local Municipality Website, and Tender Publication

All completed RFQ documents to be submitted at:

Dihlabeng Local Municipality; Tender Box; 9 Muller Street East; Bethlehem; 9700

All SCM related queries must be directed to: Mr MJ Tsatsa; Tel no: 058 303 5732; Suppliers are urged to register on the Central Supplier Database in order to do business with the Municipality:

Minimum Requirements:

1. Central Supplier Database (CSD) Summary Report. 2. In case of a JV Certified copy of entity registration certificate reflecting names and identity numbers of active shareholding of all parties must be attached. 3. Copy of JV agreement (in case of JV) must be attached. 4. Municipal rates and taxes clearance certificates not older the 30 days or lease agreement must be attached. 5. In case of JV, Municipal rates & taxes clearance certificate not older than 30 days or a lease agreement of all parties must be attached. 6. All supplementary/compulsory forms contained in the bid document must be completed and signed in full. 7. Bidders will only be allowed to submit one bid document per bid (either as joint venture or individual company not both. 8. Sealed envelope must be labelled with a quote description and reference number provided. 9. Failure to comply with the above mentioned conditions may invalidate your bid. Affidavid/B-BBEE status level certificate will be an added advantage.  10.  Any other compulsory document stated within the document. 11.

Please note:

1. Section 217 of the Constitution of the Republic of Republic of South Africa requires an organ of state to contract for goods and services in accordance with a system which is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective. 2. No bid (s) will be accepted from a person in the service of the state. 3. No telegraphic, telefax and late bids will be accepted. 4. The lowest bid/proposal will not be accepted and the Municipality reserves the right to accept where applicable a part of portion of any bid or where possible accepts bids or proposal from multiple bidders. 5. Municipal Supply Chain Management policy and Preferential Procurement policy Framework Act No 5 of 2000 and its regulations will be applied. 6. Bids of proposals that are invalid, non-responsive in terms of Clause 193-194 of the Supply Chain Management Policy will be disqualified at the opening. In the case where the RFQ validity period in not indicated in the bid document the RFQ validity period shall be 30 days from the closing date of the request for quotation.