Berth Deepening: Tunnel Construction Between East and North Quay Including Demolitions.

Tender Summary:


2019-10-09 10:00

Tender Closed on: 2019-10-23 12:00

Civil Engineering, Civil Works Services, Construction and Building Services, Services: Building


Transnet SOC Ltd

Bid Number:2122830-770
Bid Description: Bert Deepenening: Tunnel Construction between East and North Quay Including Demolitions.
Name of Institution: Transnet Group Capital
Place where goods, works or services are required: Durban Container Terminal, Berths 203 to 205.

Date Published: 2 October 2019
Closing Date / Time: 28 October 2019, 12:00pm - Tender Box:  Transnet Group Capital, Queens Warehouse, Reception, 237 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Point, Durban
Enquiries: Shani Evans
e-mail: [email protected]
telephone number: 031 361 1273

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Physical Address: Not Applicable

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address: Transnet Group Capital, Reception Ground Floor, Queen Elizabeth, Tender Box, 237 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durban

Briefing Session
A compulsory session will be held on:
Date: Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Time: 10h00am
Venue: Transnet Group Capital, Queens Warehouse, 237 Mahatma Gandhi Road

Special Conditions:


Tenderers are advised to bring full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the site walk that will take place on the second day of the clarification meeting.


Tenderers are to note:


Tenderers and their employees, visitors, clients and customers entering Transnet Offices, Depots, Workshops and Stores will undergo breathalyser testing.


All forms of firearms are prohibited on Transnet properties and premises.


[Tenderers to provide own transportation and accommodation]


    1. Tenderers failing to attend the compulsory Clarification meetings (office and site) will be disqualified.

    2. The briefing session will start punctually at 10h00 and information will not be repeated for the benefit of Tenderers arriving late.

    3. Tenderers are required to wear safety shoes, glasses, long sleeve shirts and long pants, high visibility vests and hard hats.  Tenderers without the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as stated will not be allowed on the site walk.

    4. Tenderers and their employees, visitors, clients and customers entering Transnet Offices, Depots, Workshops and Stores will undergo breathalyser testing and inductions.

    5. All forms of firearms are prohibited on Transnet properties and premises.

    6. The relevant persons attending the meeting must ensure that their original identity documents, passports or drivers licence are on them for inspection at the access control gates.

    7. Transnet will not be held responsible if any Tenderer who did not attend the full duration of the compulsory briefing sessions and subsequently feels disadvantaged as a result thereof.

    8. Tenderers to ensure that the Certificates of Attendance T2.2-02 are signed at the end of the Clarification meeting including the attendance register as this will serve as proof of attendance.


Tenderers are required to bring these Returnable Schedules T2.2-02 to the Compulsory Tender Clarification Meeting to be signed by the Employer’s Representative.




Tender Documents:

Annexure B - Specifications_4.1_Concrete Formwork and Reinforcement
Annexure B - Specifications_4.2_Paving
Annexure B - Specifications_4.3_Structural Steel
Annexure B - Specifications_4.4_Civil Works
Annexure D_Contractor Management TIMS014
Annexure E_Occurrence and Non_Conformance Management TIMS013
Annexure F_HAS-P-0003_Working over Water
Annexure G_HAS-GN-0001_Rev00_Hazardous Activities and Tasks
Annexure H_Transnet SHEQ Policy
Annexure I_TGC SHEQ Policy
Annexure J_Asbestos Management Plan
Annexure K_ENG-STD-0001_CAD Standards
Annexure L_ENV-STD-001_Rev04_CEMP
Annexure M_ENV-STD-002_Rev04_CEMP
Annexure N_DOC-STD-0001_Rev03
Annexure O_QAL-STD-0001_Rev00
Annexure P1 - The Integrated Waste Management Approach
Annexure P2 - TNPA List of Approved Waste Service Contractors
Annexure P3 - EA Landside Infrastructure
Annexure P4 - CWDP - Transnet Dewatering
Annexure P5 - Dust Fall Out Survey 2018
Annexure P6 - ENV Noise Survey 2018
Annexure P7 - T2.2-26BD Declaration of Understanding Rev_01
Annexure P8 - Contents Page of Environmental File Index
Annexure Q - Project Specific Insurance
Annexure R - Health and Safety Questionaire
Annexure S - Pricing Schedule Requirement
Annexure T - TGC IR
Site Information_Annexure D - Lloyd Hill Survey Report.pdf
Site Information_Annexure A_As-Built Drawings
Site Information_Annexure C - ZAA-1370-RPT-070_RevB
Site Information_Annexure B - 2237507-RPT-0001
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 1
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 2
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 3
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 4
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 5
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 6
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 7
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 8
Site Information_Annexure E_Photos_Part 9
Annexure A_Drawings
Annexure C - Project Specific Health and Safety Specification
Addendum 002

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