Construction of Dignified Sanitation Toilets

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2020-10-01 12:00

Construction and Building Services, Construction of buildings, Sewerage

eMkhondo, Mpumalanga

Mkhondo Local Municipality

Mkhondo Local Municipality Tenders

Bid Number: MKHO02/2020/21

Place where goods, works or services are required: MKHONDO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY'S RURAL VILLAGES

Date Published: 16/09/2020  
Closing Date / Time: 01/10/2020; 12H00 p.m
Contact Person: Mr. Dumisani Mandla Ngoma (P.M.U)  / Mr.Mandla Gumede (S.C.M)
Email:[email protected] / [email protected]
Telephone number: 017 285 0200
FAX Number: 017 826 3129

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Physical Address: Finance Cashiers, Finance building, Mkhondo Local Municipality, No.33 cnr Market and De Wet street, eMkhondo

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address:Tender Box Situated at Mkhondo Local Municipality's Town Hall, No.33 cnr Market and De Wet street, eMkhondo

Briefing Session
No briefing session will be held:
Date:Not Applicable
Time:Not Applicable
Venue:Not Applicable

Special Conditions:

Mkhondo Local Municipality hereby invites suitable and reputable CIDB and CSD registered contractors to submit tenders for the above-mentioned project. The contractors must comply with the VAT Act. Tender documents will be available from at Mkhondo Municipal Offices from 18/09/2020 from Finance Department Cashiers at a Non-Refundable payment of R350.00 Cash.NO Compulsory site briefing / Clarification meeting will be held.Sealed envelopes must be addressed to: The Municipal Manager, Mkhondo Municipality, P.O Box 23, eMkhondo, 2380, marked with the description of the Tender with the correct reference number, Tender NumberMKHO02/2020/21 in the ‘Tender Box’ situated at Mkhondo Local Municipality Offices, Corner Market and De Wet, eMkhondo 2380, no later than the 01stof October 2020 at 12h00 p.m.Local Registered Co-Operatives are encouraged to tender. The contractors are expected to cost for installation. Material for construction will be supplied by Mkhondo Local Municipality.

In terms of Supply Chain Regulations Section 44 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, states that the municipality or municipal entity may not make any award to a person - (a) (b) who is in the service of the state; if that person is not a natural person, of which any director, manager, principal shareholder or stakeholder is a person in the service of the state; or (c) who is an advisor or consultant contracted with the municipality or municipal entity. 

Bids will be evaluated using Method 4 of evaluation, where bids must score a minimum of 60% Functionality to be considered for further evaluation for price and preference points.   

The followingcompulsory documents must be accompanied with the tender, and failure to provide such documentations shall constitute automatic disqualification: Comprehensive / full CSD (not a summary) registration cert number, valid and certified copy of B-BBEE Status Level of contribution Certificate (not a disqualification criteria however IF NOT attached, preference points may not be claimed by prospective bidder), Original Tax Clearance Certificate, Valid Letter of Good Standing, Certified copy of Company Registration Certificate, Current and latest Municipal Statement whose Accounts are not in arrears more than 90 days, Valid Lease agreement (with proof that rental is not in arrears) / proof of residence or Letter from Tribal Authority for prospective bidders operating offices from non-billed areas, shareholder’s certified ID Copies, and valid of proof of CIDB Grading designation of minimum of 1 CE PE / 1GB PE, and 2 CE / 2 GB. It is estimated that tenderers should have a CIDB contractor grading of 2GB or 2CE or higher. 1GB or 1CE Potentially Emerging Enterprises who satisfy criteria stated in the Tender Data may submit Tender offers. Preferences are offered to tenderers who Contractors registered on Grade 1 and 2 Designation respectively. Only tenderers who are Blacks; Black Youth; Black Women; Black people with disabilities; Black people living in rural or underdeveloped areas or townships of Mkhondo Local Municipality; cooperatives owned by Black people are eligible to submit tenders. 

All certified copies required may not be older than three (03) months from tender closing date. A Price Preferential Point System will apply for this project and will be allocated to a bidder in accordance with the PPPF Act (No. 5 of 2000) and as defined in the conditions and requirements of this project. In terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy of the Municipality, this bid will be adjudicated on an 80/20 Price Preference Point system. 


NOTE:Only those tenderers who are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) on the relevant Contractor Designationare eligible to submit tenders for this contract. The Council reserves the right to appoint more than one service providers. The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest priced or any tender. The Council may elect to accept only part of the successful tender. The adjudication process and the award, if an award is made, will conform to the requirements of the Supply Chain Management Regulations and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act. Only the version of this notice and invitation contained in the tender document shall form part of the tender. Tenders may only be submitted on the tender documentation that is issued.No correspondence will be entered into with any tender regarding scores obtained, reasons for no appointment, etc. No late, telephonic, facsimile, tipexed or e-mailed tenders will be accepted. Only Council’s original bid documents will be accepted.  

For enquiries contact Dumisani Mandla Ngoma during business hours and administrative supply chain enquiries Mr Mandla Gumede (017) 285 0200, E-mail address: [email protected]

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