Construction of Hebron,kgabalatsane ,rockville and Itsoseng Water Reticulation Network Phase 8b

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2021-03-23 10:00

Civil Engineering, Civil Works Services, Pipework, Reticulation and Irrigation

Brits, North West

Madibeng Local Municipality

Madibeng Local Municipality Tenders

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Bid Number: SCM02/CONST/02/2020/21
Bid Description: Construction of Hebron,Kgabalatsane ,Rockville and Itsoseng water reticulation network Phase 8B
Name of Institution: Madibeng Local Municipality
Place where goods, works or services are required: Madibeng Local Municipality , 53 Van Velden Streets ,Brits 0250

Date Published:  21 February 2021
Closing Date / Time: 23 March 2021@10:00
Contact Person: Mr Graeme Fenwick
Telephone number: 012 460 1718
FAX Number: N/A

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website: N/A Due to complexity of tender document.
Physical Address: 
Madibeng Local Municipality , 53 Van Velden Streets ,Brits 0250

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address: Madibeng Local Municipality , 53 Van Velden Streets ,Brits 0250

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Due to COVID-19 there will be no compulsory briefing session

Special Conditions:

Due to complexity of MIG Tender document, it will be sold at Madibeng Local Municipality ,53 Van Velden Streets, Brits 0250 cashier offices at non-refundable cost of R1000.00 per document.


Tender Documents:

No Documents Available

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