For the Provision of Structural Repairs to Berth 4 at Island View in the Port of Durban for a Period of Six (6) Months

Tender Summary:


2019-12-11 13:00

Tender Closed on: 2020-01-28 10:00

Building Upgrades and Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Civil Works Services, Construction and Building Services

Durban, Gauteng, Johannesburg

Transnet SOC Ltd

Transnet SOC Ltd Tenders

Bid Number: TNPA 849/CIDB
Bid Description: For the Provision of Structural Repairs to Berth 4 at Island View in the Port of Durban for a Period of Six (6) Months 
Name of Institution: Transnet SOC Ltd trading through its operating division Transnet National Ports Authority

Place where goods, works or services are required: Port of Durban

Date Published:  02 December 2019
Closing Date / Time: 28 January 2020 at 10:00am
Contact Person: Nosiphokazi Shoba
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: 031 361 8707
FAX Number: 086 677 2324

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Physical Address: Not Applicable

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address:

Transnet tender box, Ground Floor

30 Wellington Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Briefing Session
A compulsory briefing session will be held on:
Date: 11 December 2019
Time: 01:00pm
Venue: Security Boardroom, next to Ocean Terminal Building, Quayside Road, Port of Durban

Special Conditions:

Bidders are to note that this bid is downloadable directly from the National Treasury eTender Publication Portal free of charge. If Bidders intend to download the bid off the Portal, they are required to indicate their intention to respond to this bid by 10 December 2019 by sending an email with their contact details to the following address: [email protected] This is to ensure that any required communication (e.g. addenda to the bid) in relation to this bid reaches those intending to respond.


Only bidders who meet the below Pre-qualification need apply.


·         Respondents with a Minimum B-BBEE status Level Four (4);

·         Bidders must submit proof of CIDB grading level 6CE or higher;

·         Whether the Bid contains a fully priced offer (Fully completed BOQ and fully completed Form of Offer and Acceptance);

·         The tenderers must comply with the stipulated minimum local content and production for this transaction as follows: Steel Products             and Components for Construction the minimum threshold is 100%.

·         Stipulated local content-Steel Construction Materials

                       Local Content Threshold

Ø  Fabricated Structural steelwork - Reinforcement steel, beams ladders, stairs: 100%

Ø  Fasteners - Bolts, nuts, nails and rivets: 100%

·         ****Bidders must have registered on Central Supplier Database (CSD) from National Treasury (Registration number- M………); and

·         Certificate of Attendance at Compulsory Briefing Session.

Transnet will not be held liable if Bidders do not respond by this date and do not receive the latest information regarding this Bid as a result thereof.


Tender Documents:

Part T1-Tendering Procedures.pdf
Part C1-The Contract.pdf
Part C3- Works Information.pdf
Part C4-Site Information.pdf
Annexure A-SABS approved technical specification number SATS 12862011.pdf
Annexure B for LC.pdf
Annexure C-Local Content Declaration Summary Schedule.pdf
Annexure D-Imported Content Declaration Supporting Schedule to Annexure C.pdf
Annexure E-Local Content Declaration Supporting Schedule to Annexure C.pdf
Annexure F-Technical Evaluation Criteria.pdf
Annexure G-SBD 1 (Tax).pdf
Annexure H-Engineering Review Report.pdf
Annexure I-Subtech Diving Report.pdf
Annexure K-EMP Guidelines Port of Durban.pdf
Annexure L-Health and Safety Specification_PoD_Generic.pdf
Annexure M-Standard Generic EMPr DBN Rev0 Final.pdf
Annexure O-Technical & Quality Management Specifications.pdf
Annexure P-SD Value Summary.pdf
Annexure Q1-Drawing-5B0035-001-00.tif
Annexure Q2-Drawing-5B0035-002-00.tif
Annexure Q3-Drawing-5B0035-003-00.tif
Annexure Q4-Drawing-5B0035-004-00.tif
Annexure Q5-Drawing-5B0035-005-00.tif
Annexure Q6-Drawing-5B0035-006-00.tif
Annexure Q7-Drawing-5B0035-007-00.tif
Annexure Q8-Drawing-5B0035-008-00.tif
Annexure Q9-Drawing-5B0035-009-00.tif
Annexure Q10-Drawing-5B0035-010-00.tif
Annexure R-SD Guidelines.pdf
Annexure S-SD Plan.pdf
Annexure T-Supplier Development Initiatives.pdf
Part C2-Pricing Data Option A.pdf

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