Nko 150/2019 Electrification of 105 Households at Block B in Nkomazi Municipal Area

Tender Summary:

NKO 150/2019

2019-10-18 10:00

Tender Closed on: 2019-11-01 12:00

Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Electrical Services


Nkomazi Local Municipality

Nkomazi Local Municipality Tenders

Bid Description: NKO 150/2019
Name of Institution: Nkomazi Local Municipality
Place where goods, works or services are required: Block B

Date Published:  09 October 2019
Closing Date / Time: 01 November 2018

Enquiries: Technical (Nkomazi LM)
Contact Person: Mr JZ Ntsabo / Mr ME Zitha
Email:  [email protected] / [email protected]
Telephone number: 013 790 0145

Enquiries: SCM (Procurement)
Contact Person: Mr MR Mabuza
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: (013) 790 0386

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website: www.nkomazi.gov.za / www.etenders.gov.za
Physical Address: Nkomazi Local Municipality, Budget and Treasury Office (Finance), 22 Impala Street, Malelane 
Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address: Nkomazi Local Municipality, Civic Centre, 9 Park Street, Malelane

Briefing Session 
compulsory briefing session will be held on:
Date: 18 October 2019
Time: 10:00am
Venue: Nkomazi Local Municipality Town Hall (Kobwa Hall), Fish Eagle, Malelane

Special Conditions:

CIDB Grading Required: 4EP/EB or Higher

Prospective tenderers must be registered with the CIDB and Potentially Emerging contractors within the Nkomazi Region who meet the criteria stated in the Tender data may submit their tender offers and Joint ventures or companies which are part of a joint venture must also be registered with the CIDB. Joint ventures or companies which are part of a joint venture must also be registered with the CIDB. Preference shall be given to tenderers who enhance the local and regional economy (local contractors) and who have HDI / Youth on Equity Ownership. Only Tenderers who employ staff which satisfy EPWP requirements are eligible to submit tenders.

Tender Documents in English will only be obtainable upon the payment of a non-refundable amount of R1 183.63 on each tender document, payable in cash or by bank guaranteed cheque made out in favour of the Nkomazi Municipality. Tender documents will be available as from 15 October 2019 from the cashiers desk (Budget and Treasury Office, 22 Impala Street, Malelane) from 07h45 to 15h30 (Monday – Friday)

A compulsory tender briefing session will be held on the 18th of October 2019, 10:00am at the Nkomazi Local Municipality Town Hall (Kobwa Hall), Fish Eagle, Malelane. Tenderer who is 15 minutes late will not be allowed to enter into the briefing meeting, no tenderer shall be allowed into the meeting venue to sign the attendance register without being part of the meeting. Only bid documents for tenderers who attended the briefing meeting shall be considered for the tender.

The following documents are required from Tenderers and shall form part of the tender: Valid and Original SARS Clearance Certificate; proof of registration with CIDB. Failure to submit will result on the tender being disqualified.

Sealed tender documents clearly marked with the correct bid number and description must be deposited in the tender box, at the Nkomazi Local Municipality, Civic Centre, 9 Park Street, Malelane, not later than 12:00 pm (noon) on the Closing Date 01 November 2019. Any tenders couriered to be deposited in the Municipality’s Tender Box and sent to the wrong recipient other than being deposited in the Tender Box will not be considered.

A bid posted or couriered (at Sender’s Risk) to the Municipality in good time so as to reach the Municipality before the above-mentioned closing date and clearly indicated bid number and title may be accepted on condition that it is placed in the correct tender / bid box before closing time, it being understood that the Council disclaims any responsibility for seeing that such bids are in fact lodged in the tender/bid box.

Please note that the Supply Chain Management of the Nkomazi Local Municipality shall be used to adjudicate the tender and the 80/20 preferential point system shall apply whereby a contract will be allocated to a tenderer in accordance with the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, Act No 5 of 2000, Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 and as defined in the Conditions of Tender in the tender document, where 80 points will be allocated in respect of price and 20 points shall be awarded to tenderer for attaining B-BBEE status level of contributor.

Tenderers have to take note of MBD form 6.2 and its annexures which require a threshold of 90% and 100% South African manufactured on electrical materials, electric cables, transformers and shunt reactors, and for other products see the attached MBD 6.2 in the tender document.

Tenderers must have the necessary skills, experience and capacity to perform the required work. Nkomazi Municipality reserves the right to accept a tender as a whole or in part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest in terms of price or any tender. 


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