Panel for Professional of Service Providers for Construction Health and Safety Agents/managers “on as when Required Basis” for Period of Three (3) Years.

Tender Summary:

JRA /19/420

See details below or the tender documentation

2020-10-16 11:00

Occupational Health and Safety

Gauteng, Johannesburg

Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA)

Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) Tenders

Bid Number: JRA/19/420
Bid Description: Panel for Professional of service providers for Construction Health and Safety Agents/Managers “on as when required basis” for period of three(3) years.
Name of Institution: Johannesburg Roads Agency
Place where goods, works or services are required: Jursidiction of the City of Joburg

Date Published:  15/09/2020
Closing Date / Time: 16 /10/2020 @11:00am
Enquiries:[email protected]
Contact Person: SCM Bids Section
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number:011 298 5000
FAX Number:N/A

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Physical Address:N/A

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address: 75 Helen Joseph street ,Johannesnesburg CBD,Ground Floor.

Briefing Session
There is no compulsory / No Optional briefing session :

Special Conditions:

The Bid documents will be available for download from the JRA official website( starting on 17th September 2020.


Request clarification of the tender documents, if necessary, by notifying the employer at least on or  before (not later than 12th [email protected]:00pm) with regard to all the bids as advertised. Questions or queries must be submitted to the JRA representative at least seven (07) calendar days before the stipulated closing date and time of the tender in writing to: [email protected]. However, JRA shall not be liable nor assume liability for failure to respond to any questions and / or queries raised by the Tenderer.


         The attention of bidders is specifically drawn to the provisions of the Conditions of Contract, which are included in the Documents. All bids as advertised will remain valid for 120 days from bid closing date.


Tender Documents:

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