Provision for Layout, Production and Delivery of Re a Dira Magazine for a Period of 36 Months (re-advert)

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2020-11-02 12:00

Graphic Design and Branding, Printing, Reproduction and Distribution Services, Publishing activities

North West

Greater Taung Local Municipality

Greater Taung Local Municipality Tenders

Bid Number: GTLM/MM03/2020/2021
Bid Description: Provision for Layout, Production and Delivery of Re a Dira Megazine for a Period of 36 Months (Re-Advert)

Name of Institution: Greater Taung Local Municipality Opposite 
Place where goods, works or services are required: Greater Taung Local Municipality 

Date Published:  30 September 2020
Closing Date / Time:  02 November 2020 @ 12:00
Contact Person: Mr R Olifant
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: 082 570 2861
FAX Number: 053 994 3917

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website: e-tender
Physical Address: 
Greater Taung Local Municipality Opposite Taung Taxi Rank
Where bids should be delivered: Greater Taung Local Municipality 
Physical Address: Greater Taung Local Municipality Opposite Taung Taxi Rank

Briefing Session 
No briefing session

Special Conditions:

No documents will be sold at the office. To purchase the documents, bidders must pay the tender fee into the account below. A proof of payment must be send to the email below. A complete document with additional documents will be send to the bidder’s email. Tenders can still be couriered, but they must be in the tender box before 12:00 on the date of the closing, no faxed or emailed tender documents will be accepted. Documents can still be viewed on the National Treasury website to assess if the bidder qualifies. All enquiries regarding the tender’s administration must be directed to supply chain management office @ 053 994 9471/2/3/4 or 436. All submission are to be made to Greater Taung Local Municipality, clearly marked with the Contract Number and description addressed for attention of the Municipal Manager and should be submitted in the Tender box situated in the foyer at the Administration Building of the Municipality on or before the indicated closing date and time. NOTE:  The Greater Taung Local Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right to accept in whole or part.  The tenders will also be evaluated based on the experience, capacity and references where relevant. If you do not hear from us after the expiry of the validity period, please accept that your bid is unsuccessful. Please note that it is a requisite of the municipality that all suppliers must be registered on the database of the municipality and Central Suppliers Database (CSD).Therefore all bidders who are not registered on the database system must ensure that their bids are accompanied by the database forms. The tender validity period is 90 days.

Banking Details:-

Bank Name                               : ABSA  

Account no                              : 2650560046

 Branch code                            : 630273

 REF                                          : Bid Reference number

Email                                        : [email protected]

Doc Fee                                    : R1000.00


Tender Documents:

Re a Dira Mgazine.pdf

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