Rental of Hydraulic Tension Units for Transnet Soc Ltd (reg. No 1990/000900/30) Trading Through Its Operating Division Transnet National Ports Authority (hereinafter Referred to as “tnpa”) in the Port of Cape Town, for a Period of Twenty Four (24) Months

Tender Summary:


2019-10-24 10:00

Tender Closed on: 2019-11-19 10:00

Mechanical Tools and Equipment

Cape Town, De Aar, Johannesburg

Transnet SOC Ltd

Transnet SOC Ltd Tenders

Bid Number: TNPA CPT 839
Bid Description: Rental of Hydraulic Tension Units
Name of Institution: Transnet National Ports Authority "TNPA"
Place where goods, works or services are required: Port of Cape Town

Date Published: 12 December 2019
Closing Date / Time: 18 February 2020 @ 10:00 am
Contact Person: Sinethemba Madikizela
Email:[email protected]
Telephone number: 021 449 4387
FAX Number:N/A

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Physical Address:

Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address: Transnet National Ports Authority "TNPA", 30 Wellington Road, Parktonwn, Johannesburg

Briefing Session
A compulsory  briefing session will be held on:
Date: 20 January 2020
Time:10:00 am
Venue: Transnet National Ports Authority "TNPA",HR and Procurement Building, 34 South Arm  Road, Port of Cape Town

Special Conditions:

Bidders are to note that this bid is downloaded directly from the National Treasury etender publication portal free of charge. If bidders intend to download the bid off the portal, they are required to indicate their intention to bid by sending an email with their contact details to  [email protected]: this is to ensure that any required communication (e.g. addenda to the bid) in relation to this bid reaches those intending to respond.

Only bidders who meet the below pre-qualification need to apply:





National Treasury's Central Supplier Database CSD Registration

Whether the bid contains priced offer

Compulsory Enterprice Questionnare

Compulsory briefing Session attendance register

RFP Breach of Law

RFP Declaration


Tender Documents:

0.00. Advert (etender).pdf
0. Part T1 - Tendering Procedures.pdf
0.0. T2.1 List of Returnable Documents.pdf
1. T2.2-1 Authority to submit a Tender.pdf
2. T2.2-2 Compulsory Enterprise Questionnaire.pdf
3.T2.2-3 Tax Clearance Certificate.pdf
4. T2.2-4 Clarification meeting.pdf
5. T2.2-5 Subcontractors.pdf
6. T2.2-6 BBBEE certificate.pdf
7.T2.2-7 Central Supplier Database Registration (CSD).pdf
8. T2.2-8 Changes to tender documents.pdf
9. T2.2-9 Record of addenda to tender documents.pdf
10.T2.2-10 RFP - Breach of Law.pdf
11.T2.2-11 RFP Declaration Form.pdf
12. T2.2-12 Supplier Code of Conduct.pdf
13. T2.2-13 Supplier Declaration Form.pdf
14. T2.2-14 Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.pdf
15.T2.2-15 Certified ID Copies of Members Directors.pdf
16. T2.2-16 RFP Clarification Request Form.pdf
17.T2.2-17 Three (3) Year Audited Financial Statement.pdf
18 T2 2-18 Health and Safety Plan.pdf
19. T2.2-19 Method Statement.pdf
20. T2.2- 20 Quality Plan.pdf
21. T2.2- 21 Programme.pdf
22.T2.2-22 Previous experience.pdf
23. T2.2-23 Bidders Proximity to Site.pdf
25.T2.2-25 SD Value Summary.xlsx
26. T2.2-26 RFP Annexure F SD Plan.pdf
27. T2.2-27 Annexure E -RFP SD Guideline.pdf
Priced Activity Schedule - Hydraulic Tensioning Systems.pdf
C3-Study Brief.pdf
Annexure B_SBD 1(Tax).pdf
Technical Evaluation Annexure D.pdf
0.00. Advert Time Extension (etender).pdf
0. 0 Advert (etender).pdf
0. Part T1 - Tendering Procedures - PPPFA.pdf
4. T2.2-4 Clarification meeting.pdf
9. Record of addenda.pdf
16. T2.2-16 RFP Clarification Request Form.pdf
C3- Study Brief.pdf
0. 00. Advert (etender).pdf
0. 00. Advert (etender).pdf
0. Part T1 - Tendering Procedures.pdf

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