The Construction of a New 3km, 66kv, Chickadee Line from Dan Village Metering to Letsitele Valley Substation Within the Limpopo Operating Unit Over a Period of 6 Months

Tender Summary:

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Bid Number: The construction of a new 3km, 66kV Chickadee Line from Dan Village Metering to Litsitele Valley Substation within the Limpopo Operating Unit over a period of 6 months
Bid Description: 59con1931
Name of Institution: Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd
Place where goods, works or services are required: Limpopo Operating Unit

Date Published:  17 February 2020
Closing Date / Time: 18 March 2020 @ 10h00am
Contact Person: Motsatsi Magwele
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: 015 230 1729
FAX Number:

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website: or

Physical Address:
Where bids should be delivered:
Physical Address:

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd

The tender Office

Limpopo Operating Unit

Millenium Building, 90 Hans Van Rensburg Street

Polokwane, Limpopo Province


Briefing Session
A compulsory site  briefing session will be held on:
Date: 26 February 2020
Time: 10h00am
Venue: 201 Oasis Mall, Aqua Park, Eskom Offices, First Floor Tzaneen, 0850

GPS Co-ordinates 23 49'02"S 30 09"29"E

After the presentation , all the tenders will go for site viewing at Dan Village Metering Substation with the Eskom Team

Special Conditions:


Tender Documents:

Invitation to tender construction of 66kV Line Letaba Dan Village-59con1931.pdf
DAN-LET 66kV Line Electronic BOQ.xls
Authority to Submit a Tender (Returnable Schedule) Tender 59con1931.pdf
C0 ECC3 Contract cover page HV Line -59con1931.pdf
C1 1 ECC3 Offer Acceptance HV Line -59con1931.pdf
C1 2b ECC3 Data by Contractor HV Line LOU 59con1931.pdf
C1 2a ECC3 Data by Employer HV line -59con1931.pdf
C2 ECC3 Pricing Data Option B HV Line tender 59con1931.pdf
C3 1 ECC3 Employers Works Information HV Line- 59con1931.pdf
C4 ECC3 Site_Information HV Line- 59con1931.pdf
Annexure B -Acknowledgement form for Eskom SHE rules.pdf
Annexure C - Local Content declaration summary scheduled.pdf
Annexure D- Imports Declaration-Supporting schedule to Annex C.pdf
Annexure E- Local Content Declaration-Supporting Schedule to Annex C.pdf
Authority to Submit a Tender (Returnable Schedule) Tender 59con1931.pdf
Eskom - Standard Conditions of Tender Rev 8.pdf
Litselele Valley Sub Form A -Cat 3.pdf
Supplier Declaration of Interest Dan Village -Letsitele tender 59con1931.pdf
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Vendors tender 59con1931.pdf
Section 37 (2) Agreement.pdf
Supplier Tax Evaluation Pack Template for 01 March 2019 - 28 February 2020.pdf
240-109253698 CQP Template 2016 Rev 2.docx
20170524_240-109253302 ITP Template.docx
240-105658000 QM58 rev 2.pdf
2WT 763 - Three Point Star Earth Electrode.pdf
2WT 1148 - Installation of Line Label.pdf
3026 - Thimble.pdf
3091 - Earth Rod.pdf
3093 - Clamp Earth Rod.pdf
3101 - Line Tap Brass Tinned.pdf
3102 - Crimping Lug.pdf
3136 - ACSR Conductors.pdf
3139 - Copper Bare 16mm sq.pdf
6045 - Flat Copper Strip.pdf
6059 - Ball Clevis.pdf
6061 - Socket Tounge 120kN.pdf
7000 - Dead End.pdf
7001 - Joint Mid Span.PDF
7003 - Clamp Shield Wire_Intermediate.pdf
7004 - Clamp Shield Wire_Strain.PDF
7005 - MF Vibration Dampers.pdf
7006 - Armour Rod_Steel.pdf
7007 - Turnbuckle.pdf
7008 - Ball Eye Oval.pdf
7013 - Insulator_Post.pdf
7014 - Insulator_Long Rod.pdf
7017 - Shackle Straight 120kN.pdf
7019 - Shackle Twisted 120kN.pdf
7017 - Shackle Straight 210kN.pdf
7021 - Socket Clevis.PDF
7023 - Stay Rod.pdf
7034 - Armour Rod_Conductor.pdf
7035 - Guygrip.PDF
7048 - Shield Wire Bracket.pdf
7100 - Intermediate_23kN.PDF
7101 - Intermediate_37kN.PDF
7104 - Angle Strain Stayed_23kN.PDF
7107 - Angle Strain Stayed 3Pole.PDF
7311 - Insulator Assembly_Strain.pdf
7321 - Insulator Assembly_Jumper.pdf
7322 - Vibration Dampers Positions.pdf
7323 - Earth Wire Assembly_Strain Non Insulated.pdf
7324 - Earth Wire Assembly_Strain Insulated.pdf
7325 - Stay Assembly.pdf
7327 - Earth Wire Assembly_Intermediate Insulated.pdf
7331 - Earth Wire Assembly_Intermediate Non Insulated.pdf
7346 - Stay Location.pdf
7611 - Intermediate.pdf
7612 - Intermediate_double circuit.pdf
7615 - Angle Strain Stayed.pdf
7618 - Angle Strain Stayed 3-pole.pdf
7627 - Angle Strain Stayed Wooden 3-pole.pdf
7808 - Steel Hpole Terminal_120kN 8m x-arm.pdf
7850 - Intermediate Free Standing Monopole.pdf
7851 - Stayed Strain Monopole.pdf
7857 - Concrete cap & Earthing details.pdf
DST_34-1439[1] Labeling.pdf
DWT 816 - Single to Double Earth Wire Assembly.pdf
DAN - LET 66kV Line_Volume 1.pdf
DAN - LET 66kV Line_Volume 2.pdf
DAN - LET 66kV Line_Volume 4.pdf
DAN-LET 66kV Line_Stacking Table.pdf
Line Profile Drawings.pdf
Annexure A.1 Acknowledgement Form - Reverse E-auctioning Training.pdf
Annexure A.2 Definition of Reverse E-auctioning.pdf
eAuction User Guide for Prospective Bidders.pdf

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