Training on Mental Illness / Wellbeing Management in the Workplace

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2021-03-08 11:00

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Gauteng, Pretoria

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The present document sets out the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the appointment of a service provider to provide training on Mental Illness / wellbeing management in the workplace.


Two key factors that ultimately determine the success and performance of any organization are the wellbeing of its employees and the quality of their working relationships. As 74% of employees suffering from mental illness, experience one or more Cognitive symptoms e.g. difficulty to concentrate, difficulty in multi-tasking and decision making, which could easily alienate collegial ties, this necessitates the empowerment of managers on how to keep demands and collegial relationships afloat despite strain caused by mental illness’ impacting mental wellbeing present in the workplace. Equally there is a need to maintain a balance between the wellbeing of the affected employee , collegial support and the work demands in terms of deliverables..

Mental illness / wellbeing in the workplace leads to decreased productivity, increased sick-related absenteeism, poor work quality, wasted materials and even compromised workplace safety. Despite the significant financial loss to employers and broad economy, many mental disorders fly below the radar in the workplace. A more proactive approach for managing mental illness / wellbeing in the workplace is a strategic imperative for South African employers.

Most employers tend to completely underestimate the financial impact of mental illness / wellbeing on their bottom-line. Increasing levels of mental illness increases disability costs and demand more medical scheme spend. There is also a strong correlation between mental health disorders and substance abuse.” (THE SOUTH AFRICAN DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY GROUP)

Organizations can achieve better results and become more productive as a business contributor when managers understand and implement a proactive approach for managing mental illness in the workplace. It is essential to see an increasing focus on proactively addressing the mental and emotional health of employees in the workplace, since it is one of the leading causes of disability at work in 2020.

Like any chronic condition, mental illness can equally be managed successfully through a formal disease management process.

Without a manager’s understanding, employees suffering from mental illness easily become non-compliant to treatment regimes.

This program aims to equip managers to identify the affected employee , to counter stigmatization towards enabling the affected employee, to impress the need and value of treatment programs, whilst still being able to keep relationships at work intact and thereby taking the HSRC to the next level of research and management support excellence.

Objective of the Assignment

The primary objective of the program is therefore to enable managers to acquire appropriate management skills necessary to provide guidance and empowering methods in their daily spheres of operation when dealing with mental illness/ wellbeing, going beyond the management of people and work to lead and manage those who report to them, bringing out the best in their staff, assisting and supporting them and enhancing the quality of their outputs. The secondary objective is to enable managers to lead across the organization, promoting excellence both through their own example and through seeking the greater good of the HSRC in all they do.

Nature of the Assignment

The training will be done virtually. We require costing at per head attendance.

Key responsibilities:

The appointed service provider is expected to:

• Demonstrate, through a detailed proposal outlining a clear methodology that has the necessary skills, competencies, and experience to undertake this assignment.

• Provide evidence (including contactable references) of previous Managing Mental wellbeing in the workplace trainings.

• Demonstrate that it has an intimate understanding of the research environment and be willing to tailor-make and customize a training program to suit the HSRC needs.

• Provide a report on the workshop a week after it has taken place.

• Provide certificate of attendance/ participation.

Key requirements:

• The facilitator must have a relevant qualification, Master’s degree will be an advantage

• The facilitator must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in facilitating or offering Managing Mental illness / wellbeing in the workplace training workshops;

• The facilitator must be registered with the HPCSA/BHF and provide evidence of such;

• The service provider must provide recent and traceable references for work on Managing Mental wellbeing in the workplace training;

• The service provider must be accredited with any of the SETA’s

• The service provider should avail themselves to do a 10-minute virtual presentation on a day and date agreed, to enable evaluation.

Closing date for the proposals is 8th March 2021 before 11:00am.

Enquiries (not applications or CVs) may be directed to Ms Liziwe Cwati at 066 006 4694 and Ms Hermina Fourie at

Proposals must be emailed together with the attached completed SBD forms and

B-BBEE certificate/Affidavit to Ms Chunyiswa Mantambo at

NB: See full Terms of Reference attached with the SBD forms.

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