Basic Notification Service, Six months



The same service as the Monthly service, but paid in advance for a year with 3.5% discount, for notification of the Tenders you are interested in

  • Notifications are sent out within an hour of a tender being loaded onto the system
  • Only tenders for the Category and Department/Company you specify will be sent to you
  • You will not receive notification for tenders you are not interested in, which saves you time going through tenders every day
  • Tender details are sent straight to your Inbox so you don’t have to visit the site to view them, including links to any tender documentation, if available

You will be able to specify the following to be able to receive tenders classified into their categories:

  • Up to Five Tender Categories (like Services: General, Supplies: General, etc)
  • Up to Five State Departments, Municipalities/Provinces or Companies (Like Eskom or City of Johannesburg)
  • Up to Ten Keywords or Keyphrases

This paid membership will also allow you to access the details and tender documents of Commercial RFQs