Tender Categories


Accommodation (99)
Accounting Services (73)
Actuarial Services (13)
Administrative and support activities (312)
Advertising and Marketing (185)
Agricultural Vehicles, Equipment, Tools and Supplies (111)
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (105)
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating (694)
Air transport (23)
Animal and Meat Trade (4)
Animal Feed (47)
Appliances (133)
Architectural and Engineering Services (146)
Arms and Ammunition (17)
Arts, entertainment and recreation (15)
Asbestos Removal (34)
Asset Management (70)
Audio Visual Equipment (222)
Audit Services - Technical, Operational, Financial, Compliance and Information Technology (210)
Awards, Trophies, Certificates and Medals (32)
Bird Proofing and Deterrent Services (1)
Books, Magazines, Manuals, Standards and other Reference Material (28)
Building Upgrades and Maintenance (1481)
Business Development and Governance (1)
Calibration Services (125)
Carpentry (6)
Carpeting, Tiling and Floor Covering (51)
Cash in Transit Services (16)
Catering Services (239)
CCTV, Access Control, Biometric Security and Alarm Systems (379)
Chemical and Gas Supplies (255)
Civil Engineering (2035)
Civil Works Services (2589)
Cleaning Services (857)
Cleaning Supplies (324)
Computer and Networking Equipment (623)
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (698)
Computer Software Supply and License Management (487)
Concrete Products (107)
Conference Facilities and Services (14)
Construction and Building Services (3135)
Construction and Building Supplies (380)
Construction and Maintenance of Dams and Reservoirs (56)
Construction of Bridges (55)
Construction of buildings (560)
Consulting Services (1103)
Conveyor systems (27)
Creative, arts and entertainment activities (43)
Debt Collection and Debt Counselling Services (3)
Demolition Services and Supplies (43)
Disposals and Auctions (302)
Doors, Roller Doors and Garage Doors (113)
Drilling Services (110)
Drones and Aerial photography (17)
Economic Development (51)
Education, Training, Mentorship and Coaching (746)
Electrical Engineering (166)
Electrical Equipment and Supplies (2234)
Electrical Services (1861)
Electronic Tools and Equipment (355)
Emergency Response (81)
Employment and Recruitment Services (113)
Engineering Consulting (383)
Environmental Monitoring, Assessment and Consulting (152)
Environmental Rehabilitation (30)
Event Management Services and Event Logistics (268)
Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas (1)
Facilitation and Moderation Services (101)
Facilities Management (56)
Fencing and Gates (566)
Fibreglass and Composite Materials (5)
Filtration Equipment, Supplies and Maintenance (16)
Financial Services (461)
Firefighting Equipment and Services (327)
Flood Control and Stormwater Infrastructure (128)
Food and Beverage Supplies (352)
Forensic Services, Equipment and Supplies (1)
Fuel and Petroleum Products (133)
Funeral and Body Removal Services (22)
Furniture Supplies (474)
Gambling and betting activities (2)
Gardening Tools, Equipment and Supplies (56)
Gardening, Vegetation Management and Landscaping Services (483)
Geographic Information System (GIS) (24)
Geotechnical and Geological Services (45)
Glass Supply, Maintenance and Glazing (23)
Graphic Design and Branding (211)
Guarding Services (83)
Hazardous Materials Handling (42)
Housing Development (46)
Human health and social work activities (33)
Human Resources and Labour (86)
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools and Equipment (13)
Hygiene Services, Equipment and Supplies (354)
Information and Communications Technology (1308)
Inspection and Quality Assurance (134)
Insurance and Medical Aid Services (119)
Interior Design and Decorating (2)
Kitchen Appliances and Accessories (112)
Laboratory and Analytical Equipment (365)
Laboratory, Testing and Analytical Services (176)
Land Surveying (22)
Legal and accounting activities (24)
Legal Services (155)
Legislation and regulation (101)
Libraries, Archives, Museums and other Cultural Activities (46)
Lifts & Escalators (75)
Livestock Enclosures (10)
Load and Performance Testing (114)
Lock Supplies and Locksmith Services (23)
Lubricant and Transformer Oil (61)
Management Consulting (94)
Manufacture of basic metals (9)
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (2)
Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (2)
Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products (2)
Manufacture of Electrical Equipment (589)
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment (361)
Manufacture of food products (3)
Manufacture of leather and related products (7)
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. (90)
Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (112)
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (13)
Manufacture of other transport equipment (14)
Manufacture of paper and paper products (178)
Manufacture of textiles (502)
Manufacture of wearing apparel (348)
Manufacturing (62)
Materials recovery (6)
Mechanical Engineering (5)
Mechanical Services (415)
Mechanical Tools and Equipment (493)
Medical Equipment and Supplies (2986)
Medical Services (149)
Metal and Alloy Products (190)
Mining and Industry Services and Equipment (189)
Mining and quarrying (9)
Mining of coal and lignite (23)
Mining of metal ores (2)
Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities (17)
Nature Conservation (34)
Occupational Health and Safety (171)
Office Equipment (193)
Office Space and Property Rentals (537)
Other manufacturing (9)
Other mining and quarrying (2)
Other personal service activities (5)
Other professional, scientific and technical activities (15)
Other service activities (148)
Outsourcing (66)
Packaging Materials (32)
Paint and Painting Supplies (39)
Painting, Corrosion Treatment and Abrasive Blasting (102)
Pension Funding (7)
Personal Hygiene Products (12)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (538)
Persons with Disabilities (41)
Pest Control, Fumigation and Weed Control Services (215)
Photography and Videography (70)
Pipework, Reticulation and Irrigation (787)
Plant and Equipment Hire (164)
Plant Commissioning and Operation (10)
Plastic and Rubber Products (362)
Plastic Bags (104)
Plumbing Installation and Maintenance (30)
Plumbing Supplies and Bathroom Accessories (95)
Postal and courier activities (43)
Prefabricated Structures (35)
Printing Supplies and Stationery (694)
Printing, Reproduction and Distribution Services (270)
Procurement and Supply Chain Management (30)
Professional Services (862)
Programming and broadcasting activities (58)
Project Management (87)
Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts (2)
Public administration and defence (3)
Public Relations and Communication (109)
Publishing activities (61)
Pumps and Valves (439)
Quality Management Systems (2)
Quantity Surveying (52)
Real estate activities (249)
Recording, Transcribing and Translation (35)
Recycling (25)
Registry of Potential Suppliers (53)
Relocation and Moving Services (24)
Remediation activities and other waste management services (10)
Renewable Energy (22)
Repair and Installation of Machinery and Equipment (1735)
Repair of computers and personal and household goods (19)
Research and development (10)
Residential care activities (1)
Retail trade, except for motor vehicles and motorcycles (1)
Risk Management and Risk Assessment (58)
Road Construction, Repairs and Maintenance (1280)
Road Marking Services and Supplies (3)
Road Safety Equipment, Barriers, Bollards and Gabions (2)
Roof Repairs and Maintenance (6)
Roofing and Trusses (87)
Scaffolding (14)
Security and investigation activities (9)
Security services (625)
Sensors, Measuring Instruments, PLC and SCADA (420)
Services: Building (436)
Services: General (1125)
Sewerage, Toilet Hire and Plumbing (849)
Shelving (13)
Shipping Container Sales and Conversions (20)
Signage (113)
Social work activities without accommodation (2)
Sound, Lighting, Audio/Visual & Stage Hiring (1)
Specialised construction activities (25)
Specialised Equipment (174)
Sport and Recreation Equipment (68)
Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities (34)
Sports Facilities Construction, Upgrade and Maintenance (86)
Steel Structures (145)
Storage and Archiving (62)
Structural Engineering (66)
Supplies: Clothing/Textiles/Footwear (880)
Supplies: General (1556)
Tank and Pipeline Cleaning (20)
Telecommunications (248)
Thermal Scanning Equipment and Services (84)
Tourism (20)
Town and Urban Planning (123)
Transportation (426)
Travel agency, tour operator, reservation service and related activities (94)
Trenching and Excavation (146)
Valuation Services (8)
Vehicle Rental and Leasing (113)
Vehicle Repairs, Servicing and Fitment (272)
Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management (51)
Vehicles and Vehicle Parts (287)
Verification and Investigation Services (170)
Veterinary Services and Supplies (31)
Warehousing and support activities for transportation (4)
Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities (576)
Water collection, treatment and supply (592)
Water supply (180)
Water Tank Supply and Installation (30)
Water transport (32)
Watercraft Supply and Maintenance (11)
Waterproofing (57)
Welding Services, Equipment and Supplies (29)
Window Blinds and Shutters (76)
Wood and Timber Products (50)

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