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Welcome to TenderBulletins.co.za, where we keep the South African public and business community updated with Open Tenders issued by the South African Government, Provincial governments, Municipalities and State owned Enterprises, as well as other universities and other educational entities and private companies.

A request for tenders (RFT) is a formal, structured invitation to suppliers to submit a bid to supply products or services. In the public sector an official fee is needed to fortify and secure the tender bid engagement/win documents, such a process may be required and determined in detail by law to ensure that such competition for the use of public funds is open, fair and free from bribery and nepotism. For example, a government may put a building project ‘out to tender’; that is, publish an invitation for other parties to make a proposal for the building’s construction, on the understanding that any competition for the relevant government contract must be conducted in response to the tender, no parties having the unfair advantage of separate, prior, closed-door negotiations for the contract. An evaluation team will go through the tenders and decide who will get the contract.

The Tender Bulletins in our database contain tenders from all over South Africa. We scan all applicable websites and sources of information and deliver tenders in a uniform format with information such as Closing date, Briefing date, Contact information, Tender documentation, Location, Category and Department/Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tender Notification?

A Tender Notification is sent out to advertise a specific tender that is issued by the South African Government or a business. The source could be a State Department, Provincial Government, Municipality or State Owned Enterprise, but a private business could also issue a Tender or Request for Quotation to attract bidders for work they need done or products they need delivered.

TenderBulletins.co.za is a Tender Notification service. We collect Tenders and Requests for Quotations that are issued, categorise and enhance the content and then send out the notifications to subscribers that are signed up to receive tenders from certain categorise and from certain provinces.

We also list all tenders for free on the website

What is a Tender?

A Tender is a formal invitation to provide a service or deliver products, that is issued by institutions or companies, in order for suppliers or service providers to provide pricing. Tenders are usually advertised to reach as many suppliers or service providers as possible, usually in newspapers or on an institutions’s website. An open and public tender process is usually required for government tenders, in order to keep the tendering process free from corruption and nepotism

Where do your tenders come from?

TenderBulletins.co.za contnuously monitor hundreds of websites of State Departments, Provincial Governments, Municipalities and Companies (State Owned and Private) for new Tenders and Requests for Quotations. We then categorise and enhance these tenders and list them on our website. These tenders are also sent out to subscribers by email.

What is a Request for Quotation?

A Request for Quotation is an informal process for a company or government entity to requests a pricing quote from suppliers or service providers. A Request for Quotations (RFQ) is usually for lower estimated value than tenders, and the lead time is shorter, but the same tendering process can be followed by Tenders or Requests for Quotations, especially if the entity involved is a public entity like a government department. An evaluation panel or dedicated procurement representative is then responsible for evaluating submitted quotes and awarding the contract to one or more parties.

What does it cost to subscribe?

The Basic Notification package is R99 per month if subscribed to on a monthly basis. It is also possible to subscribe for longer periods, in which case a discount is applied

One Month: R99
Three Months: R293
Six Months: R573
One Year: R1128

Payments can be made by Credit Card or EFT (Electronic transfers or Cash Deposit)

There are no contracts applicable. Subscriptions are strictly prepaid – if you do not want to continue with the service, then simply don’t pay the issued invoice.

How can I access the tender documents?

All Tenders and Requests for Quotations we retrieve from our sources, are loaded onto our website, and the basic contact information, categories and location are completely visible to any website visitor. However, the tender documents, which usually contain detailed information about the tender as well as the required additional documents to be supplied, are hidden from view. To access the tender documents, you need to create a Free account on tenderbulletins.co.za and login at https://tenderbulletins.co.za/my-account/

This account costs nothing and requires no commitment of any kind. To create the account, simply enter your Email address in the Registration field at https://tenderbulletins.co.za/my-account/ and the system will auto-create login details and send them to the supplied Email address so you can login. Keep the email with login details for future use, as you would need to login every time you want to view tender documents on the site

After logging in, you can download the tender documents by clicking on each link under the “Tender Documents” header on the tender page. The documents are usually in .PDF, .DOC or .DOCX format, that can be read by most desktop computers running Microsoft Office or basic PDF reader software

It is also possible to access tender documents for a specific tender, if you send the tender to yourself by email, by submitting an email address in the “Send to myself” field on the tender page. The tender will then be emailed to the submitted email address, and it is not necessary to create an account

What do I get with my notification subscription?
  • Notifications are sent out when new tenders are loaded and have been sorted by Category, Location and Department
  • Only tenders for the Category and Department/Company you specify will be sent to you, and subscribers can also choose the Province applicable to the tender
  • You will not receive notification for tenders you are not interested in, which saves you time going through tenders every day
  • Tender details are sent straight to your Inbox so you don’t have to visit the site to view them, including links to any tender documentation, if available

You will be able to specify the following to be able to receive tenders classified into their categories:

  • Up to Five Tender Categories (like Services: General, Supplies: General, etc)
  • Up to Five State Departments, Municipalities/Provinces or Companies (Like Eskom or City of Johannesburg)
  • Up to Ten Keywords or Keyphrases
How do I subscribe?

First of all, create an account on the site. To do so, enter your Email address in the Registation field at https://tenderbulletins.co.za/my-account/ and click Register. The system will then generate login details and email them to the Email address provided – keep these login details safe for future use. If not logged in, login at https://tenderbulletins.co.za/my-account/ with these login details

Then go to https://tenderbulletins.co.za/subscription-form/ and complete the rest of your contact details, choose a subscription package and length and also payment method, then submit the order.

If you choose Credit Card Payment (Payfast), then you will be taken to the Payfast site where you can supply your credit card details and if successful the order will be complete. If you choose EFT Payment, you will be sent an invoice with the banking details on. Pay the order amount and send proof of payment to info@tenderbulletins.co.za and we will activate the account when we receive this.

How do I respond to tenders and requests for quotations?

Each Tender or Request for Quotation contains all the information needed to respond with your offer and details. Usually the detailed information is in the tender documents that are listed under “Tender Documents” on the tender page – click on each listed document to download it and then open it with a PDF reader or in Microsoft Office. Note the submission method as well as all the required documentation and submit these with your tender bid, using the submission method listed. Usually submissions happen by depositing your tender bid in an envelope into a dedicated tender box at a central location. Sometimes it is also possible to Email the bid or upload it onto a provided website, but study the tender documents carefully to determine how to submit your tender bid

Do NOT send the Tender to us – we do not issue these tenders, we just distribute the tender notifications, so submitting it to us will not work.

What software do I use to open the tender documents?

Most tender documents will be in PDF format and luckily most modern web browsers have a PDF reader built in – so just login to the website and under the Tender Documents section of the tender page, click on the links and they will open in your browser so you can read them. The PDF reader should also allow you to download them.

To be sure you can access all tender documents, you should have these or similar software installed:

  • An internet browser – most devices come with these pre-installed, but the best options are usually Chrome (https://chrome.google.com) on PCs or Android devices or Safari on Mac or iPhone/iPad devices
  • A PDF reader – you can install Adobe PDF Reader from https://get.adobe.com/reader/ onto almost any device
  • An Office Suite to open .DOCX, .DOC and .XLSX files – the most common version of this is Microsoft Office, which can be installed on all devices. Other office suites that are available for free include LibreOffice (https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/) which can be installed on PC or Mac. It is also possible to install Microsoft Word and Excel onto your Android or iPhone device for free

Free Daily Tender Newsletter

If you supply your email we will be able to send a daily email to you with a list of state tenders (etenders) submitted on the previous working day. This does not include all the tenders available in the database. If you want to receive all tender notification, classified by Category, Location and Department, then you would need to subscribe to a Tender Notification package. Click here for more information about the Tender Notification service

We will never use your email to spam you or resell it to a third party, it will only be used to send this tender newsletter

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