National Gambling Board of South Africa Tenders

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National Gambling Board of South Africa Tenders
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Tender Title Tender Number Briefing Date Closing Date
Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Management and Maintenance, of a National Central Electronic Monitoring System (ncems) for Limited Pay-out Machines in the Republic of South Africa and Collection of Related Monitoring Fees for Eight (8) Years NGB 001/2025 2024-04-26 10:00 2024-07-16 11:00
Appointment of a Quality Assurance Team to Provide Independent and Expert Advice to the Accounting Authority on the Procurement Process of the Next National Central Electronic Monitoring Systems Operator NGB 005(2023/2024) 2024-04-03 11:00 2024-04-18 11:00
Internal Audit Services for a Period of Three (3) Years NGB 004(2023/2024) 2024-03-20 11:00 2024-04-08 11:00
Research to Determine Optimal Stake and Prize Limits for the Limited Pay-out Machine (lpm) Industry and the Socio-economic Impact of the Revised Limits NGB 003(2023/2024) 2024-01-24 11:00 2024-02-09 11:00
Appointment of a Service Provider to Conduct a Nationwide Multi-media Broad-based Public Education and Awareness Promotion NGB 002(2023/2024) 2023-11-23 11:00 2023-12-06 11:00
Appointment of a Service to Provider to Provide Project Management for Turnkey Solution for Space Planning, Advisory, Design and Refurbishment and Office Relocation Services NGB 001(2023/2024) 2023-06-15 11:00 2023-07-05 11:00
The Ngb’s Legal Services Unit Requires Access to Authoritative Works/texts and Key Legislation on an Online Platform in Order to Ensure That it Executes Its Various Functions with the Utmost Care, Efficiency and Readily Available and Up-to-date Knowledge at Its Disposal, Allowing Its Members to Provide the Best Possible Service. RFQ 053(2021-2022) - Online Legal Material Databas - 2023-02-03 11:00
Appointment of a Service Provider to Conduct Conference Rsvp Services and Delegate Communication; Design and Produce Conference Collateral and Materials; Arrange for Scribing and Post Conference Reporting; Undertake Photography of the Event; and Appoint a Master of Ceremonies and Panel Moderators RFQ 061(2022/2023) - 2023-02-08 11:00
Probity Investigations to Determine the Suitability Of Juristic and Natural Persons Who Will Sell Office Premises to the Ngb. RFQ 059(2022-2023) - Probity Forensic Services - 2023-01-24 11:00
Rfq 054(2022-2023) - Translation Services RFQ 054(2022-2023) - 2022-12-09 16:00
Rfq 053(2021-2022) - Online Legal Material Database RFQ 053(2021-2022) - 2022-12-09 16:00
Rfq 052(2022-2023) - Bbbee Verifications RFQ 052 (2022-2023) - 2022-12-09 16:00
Acquisition of Office Premises NGB 002 (2022/2023) 2022-12-09 11:00 2023-01-19 11:00
Research to Determine the Socio-Economic Impact of Gambling in South Africa NGB004(2021/2022) - 2022-02-08 11:00
Appointment of a Service Provider to Render External Audit Services for a Period of Three (03) Years NGB 002 (2019/2020) 2019-09-25 11:00 2019-10-07 11:00
Total Posts: 15

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