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Welcome to, where we keep the South African public and business community updated with Open Tenders issued by the South African Government, Provincial governments, Municipalities and State owned Enterprises, as well as other universities and other educational entities and private companies.

The Tender Bulletins in our database contain tenders from all over South Africa. We scan all applicable websites and sources of information and deliver tenders in a uniform format with information such as Closing date, Briefing date, Contact information, Tender documentation, Location, Category, Department/Company and Required CIDB level.

Tenders by Category

Construction tenders and Building maintenance

Construction Tenders

Tenders for Construction and Building, Building of Walls, Structures, etc

Civil engineering tenders including roads, stormwater, pipes

Civil Engineering Tenders

Tenders for Road Construction, Stormwater Infrastructure, Sewerage, Pipes and Valves, Trenching

Security services tenders including CCTV, alarms monitoring and biometric access controls

Security Tenders

Security tenders which include Guarding, Investigations, Security consulting, CCTV, Alarm systems, Access control, Biometrics, Alarm monitoring and Armed response tenders

Cleaning Services tenders

Cleaning Tenders

Cleaning tenders for cleaning of buildings, industrial cleaning, cleaning of gardens and streets and rubble removal

Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities tenders

Waste Collection Tenders

Waste removal and processing tenders, recycling, tank cleaning, stormwater cleaning, pipe cleaning, honeysucking of septic tanks and toilets

Transportation tenders

Transportation Tenders

Transporting of people by car or bus tenders, transport of goods, coal transportation tenders, waste removal transport, removals and office moving

Sanitation and Hygiene Services, Equipment and Supplies tenders

Sanitation and Hygiene Tenders

Tenders for Sanitation of offices and toilets, fogging, bathroom cleaning and hygiene supplies, sanitiser supplies

Medical Supplies Tenders

Medical Supplies Tenders

Medical suppplies tenders including all medical equipment and supplies needed in hospitals, clinics and offices. Refilling of first aid kits and plant clinics with medical supplies

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tenders

PPE Tenders

Personal Protective Equipment tenders for all kinds of protective equipment and clothing like masks, boots, gloves, jackets, trousers, scrub suits

Gardening, Vegetation Management and Landscaping Services tenders

Gardening Tenders

Gardening and landscape management tenders, as well as vegetation management and garden cleaning

Legal services tenders

Legal Services Tenders

Legal services tenders for all kinds of legal requirements of state entities like conveyancing, legal consulting, court cases and legislation

Printing Supplies and Stationery tenders

Stationery Supply Tenders

Tenders for supply of printing supplies and stationery. Also includes printing paper tenders and packaging material

… and many more …

Tenders by Province

How does it work? is a Tender aggregator and notification service. What that means is we collect South African Government tenders from official websites and other sources, categorise them by sector, location and issuer and make them available for free on our website.

We also provide a Tender Notification service, which is a Paid service. What that means is, if you subscribe to the service, we will send tenders to you by email. In order to know which tenders to send to you, you will need to choose up to 5 sectors / categories and the provinces in which the tenders are issued. The system will then send tenders we classify into these categories and areas to you.

Tender documents for tenders that appear on the website, can be downloaded for free, if they are made available by the Government department, Province, Municipality or State Company that issued them. This excludes tender documents that the issuer charge a fee for, because those are only available from the issuer. However, we then provide as much detail as possible on how to purchase these documents.

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