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I, Adrian Maarman, am writing on behalf of the transport company that caters for the transportation needs of people. Our transportation company comprises of 5 mini bus taxis where each mini bus taxi can accommodate more or less than 15 people. All minibus taxis is fully compatible, road worthy and properly insured.
Our company has allotted different routes at different times of the day to different minibus taxis. We ensure that our mini buses seamlessly rotate across the city. The drivers hired by our transport company are fully licensed and well-trained.
We also use an identification and tracking system for all mini buses, should any driver not stick to the allocated route, we will be notified of it immediately. Action will be taken against the driver responsible and be dealt with accordingly.
Strict measures is in place to ensure that a safe, professional and high standard of service is always provided, as well as all protocol and regulations are adhere to regarding Covid-19.

Warmest Regards.

Adrian Maarman

Western Cape

Tourism, Transportation, Bus, Minibus and Car Transport




This is an EME or QSE which is at least 51% owned by black people

This is an EME or QSE which is at least 51% owned by black people who are youth