Applied Polyurethane Products (Pty)Ltd

Manufacture and converters of:

Polyurethane : Wheels, Bushes, Mountings, High Impact Abrasion Applications where rubber is not suitable.

Rubber: Gaskets, Strip Cutting, Moldings, Vulcanizing, Hoses: Pvc and Rubber, Adhesives, Clamps, Truck Mud flaps, Sponge sealing with adhesive, Matting, Silicone Tubing, Latex Tubing, Rubber Extrusions, Specialised Seals and lots more as per Customer requirements.

Western Cape

Equipment Spares, Repair, Service and Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment, Glue, Tapes and Adhesives, Load and Performance Testing and Benchmarking, Mechanical Engineering

Ricardo Cupps

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