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Company Registration #:2019 /346898 / 07
Tax Reference #:9724527172
VAT Registration Number: 4530290263
UIF Registration: 2595407/7
COIDA Registration Number: 990001242629
NCCA (Cleaning Association): GAU 1249
About Barunwa Cleaning Services (pty)ltd
Founded in 2019, Barunwa Cleaning Services is a facilities management business specialising in
Cleaning, Hygiene, Pest Control, Gardening, Maintenance and Landscaping.
As in many spheres of life, it’s not what one does that determines success and progress. It’s why and
how they do it that does. As for us, facilities management is not what sets us apart from everybody
else, but rather who we are, why we do it and how we do it.
Who We Are
We’re a bunch of ambitious and highly driven entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, out to make a
difference in the world.
Why We Do What We Do
Our experience, acumen and capabilities have affirmed facilities management as the most viable
vehicle through which we can positively impact socioeconomic development.
How We Do What We Do?
We offer a differentiated service by embracing a disruptive mindset. This mindset poises on the idea
that what was differentiated yesterday may not be differentiated tomorrow.
To evolve into an unlikely story of entrepreneurial success and social impact that will inspire
others to outdo themselves. Our short term goal is to have a footprint in every town in every
To positively impact socioe-conomic development by identifying and pursuing
entrepreneurial opportunities that deliver the greatest impact to the greatest number of
people. We aim to achieve this by prioritising value, people and the environment.
Our offering takes you places.
We aim to be the best that we can be.
We genuinely love and respect our people and clients.
When we say “thank you”, we mean it.
Barunwa Cleaning Services (pty)ltd we offer our
clients with the following services :
Cleaning Services
General Cleaning
Day to day floor, window and upholstery cleaning
Service offering
Specialized Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning,Retail Cleaning, Household Cleaning, Deep Cleaning,
Car Wash,Health Care Cleaning,Hospitality Cleaning,Cleaning Service for Mines.
Specialised Cleaning Areas
Offices,Bathrooms,Corridors,Escalators,Ceiling Cleaning,Parking area cleaning,High rise window
Hygiene Services
Hygiene Services
Service and Maintenance of Hygiene Dispensers ,Supply of Consumables,Sales of
Dispensers,Leasing of Dispensers,Service of Bins,Waste Management.
Hygiene Dispensers
Bin Dispenser,Toilet Paper Dispensers,Seat Sanitiser dispenser,Seat Wipe Dispenser,Hand Soap
dispenser,Air freshener dispenser,Paper towel dispenser,Wall Bin dispenser,Urinal Auto flush,Hand
dryer dispenser.
Hygiene Deep Clean
Pest Management Services
Pest Prevention and Proactive Pest Management
Flying And Crawling Insects E.g: Cockroaches, Rodents, Ants Flies, Wasps And Termites
Commercial & Domestic Pest Control
Fumigation Services,Termite Control,Office Pest Control,Retail Pest Control,Mining Sites Pest
Cotnrol,Pre-and-Post Construction Termite Control.
Gardening Services
General Gardening Services
Organic nutrition, tree pruning and branch control, mulching and edge trimming, maintaining soil
quality, fertilising for sustained green across seasons, grass rehabilitation, herbicide spraying, weed
removal and paving treatment and fixing of garden damages.
Garden Cleaning
Clean-ups after storm or dry season, garden waste removal, cleaning of flowerbeds, restoration and
cleaning of overgrown gardens.
Landscaping and Horticulture Services
Landscaping and Irrigation
Garden planning, garden construction and garden maintenance.
Cultivating plants and trees.
Bush Clearing
Process of cutting and removing trees, stumps, bushes, stones and other obstacles from an area.
Contacts Details
Brakpan ‐ Gauteng Provinces
11 boven street,Leachville Brakpan,Gauteng
Telephone Phone : 011 897 3848
Cellphone Number : 071 572 1673
e-mail address :[email protected]
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Gauteng, Brakpan

Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Fumigation and Weed Control Services, Industrial and Plant Cleaning Services, Plumbing Installation and Maintenance, Administrative and support activities

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