Bay HSE Consulting

Business Listing for Bay HSE ConsultingBAY HSE CONSULTING is a registered company that offers comprehensive Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Consulting Services to its stakeholders and clients.

We conduct, and assist with:

 Drafting of client site HSE specifications and Baseline Risk Assessments for construction projects,
 Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plans and Policies Implementation,
 HSE Systems and Legal Compliance Auditing and Inspections and practical assessments.
 HSE Pre Acquisition Audits,
 Compilation and developing of HSE files for construction projects,
 HSE Compliance in terms of contractual requirements,
 HSE Consulting Services,
 HSE Construction Site Management,
 HSE Management System Design,
 HSE Policy review and writing,
 HSE Risk Management, identifying hazards/aspects and risks/impacts,
 HSE Occupational Incident & Accident Investigations,
 HSE Emergency Response Planning and Injury Management,
 Compensation of Injury and Occupational Diseases Act assistance,
 HSE Reporting,
 Drafting of HSE related documentation such as Health and Safety Plans, Environmental Plans, amongst others to conform to legal and client requirements,
 Implementing HSE systems to suit your industry needs,
 Waste site permit compliance auditing,
 Liaising with relevant Government and Local Government Departments pertaining relevant legislation,
 Assistance with Department of Employment and Labour notices received, such as Prohibition and Contravention notices.
 COVID 19 Compliance, such as COVID19 Plans, COVID19 Procedures, COVID19 Risk Assessment, and COVID19 checklists.
 Construction Work Permit Applications and Submissions to Department of Labour.
 Attending Tender clarification meetings with clients.
 Assist with HSE Tender costings.

We also assist in the placing of competent and registered HSE professionals and HSE Officers / HSE Managers for Construction projects.

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Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth

Consulting Services, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Monitoring, Assessment and Consulting

Daniel PJ Retief