Cheval Farming

Business Listing for Cheval FarmingStarted in 2010 as a natural progression from our horse feed business as well as a demand from traders to supply bagged livestock feed for the informal farming market
Who weren’t being serviced by the more established manufacturers in KZN. Our business has been growing ever since, and Afresh Brands has already built a proud reputation in both the formal and the ever-growing informal animal feed market; as a niche, reliable and respected manufacturer of quality feed for the equine, poultry, dairy, and pig industries.

Cheval Farming employs the services of qualified nutritionists with over twenty years of experience to formulate feeds with ideal nutrient profiles and ratios for maximum on-farm profits. Our skilled procurement personnel source the finest natural ingredients both locally and abroad. We also offer technical expertise and advice to our customers on nutrition and feeding programs for your livestock.
Cheval Farming’ continued success is driven by our unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality animal feed and partnering with our customers to find effective nutritional solutions. ​

KwaZulu-Natal, Durban

Animal Feed, Animal Feed

Charles Mthethwa

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