Business Listing for Eco-DetergentsHousehold Cleaning Detergents:

ECO Detergents is a small SME based in Cape Town, Western Cape manufacturing general household cleaning detergents.

Our product is manufactured locally with a broadband of variety products which suits you needs of the general public and businesses hoping to reduce cost spent on name brand products. In our current circumstances with the virus COVID19 it has become impossible to tender for all government departments or local businesses to introduce our range of products and services we can offer.

We offer the following Products indicated below:

Hand Sanitizer 100ML, 250ML, 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Disinfectant Cleaning Liquid 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Pine Yellow/Cherry Liquid 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Thick Domestic Bleach 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Black Dip (commonly know as Jeyesfluid) 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Decreases-er 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Lavender Liquid 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Dish-washing Liquid 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Laundry Liquid 5Ltre, 25Ltre
Fabric Softener 5Ltre, 25Ltre

All Products are made to suit your individual or company requirements and standards should there be any.

Our company is our family and the aim of our company is to employ local people of all nationalities ,religion based in all Provinces in order to market our product.

Western Cape, Cape Town

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