Empire Demolishers cc

EMPIRE DEMOLISHERS, is a service orientated business, established in 1951, has been successfully completing numerous projects regardless of size or location, throughout the country as well as over the borders for more than 50 years.
The company specializes in all types of demolition of Buildings, Commercial and Residential, Industrial Steel Structures and Plants, Refineries, Material Recovery, Silos, Major Chemical Plants, Office blocks, Site Rehabilitation, Controlled Implosions and Blasting, Chimneys, Mines, Bulk Earthworks, Recycling, Environmental Remediation, Disposal and Salvage of Equipment, Asbestos Removal to a legal dumping site, as well as Site Cleanup.
EMPIRE DEMOLISHERS CC has a large range of specialized demolition plant equipment, mechanical methods, customized to suit commercial and industrial requirements. Only the most effective plant, mechanical equipment and best strategies are selected to be utilized for our projects.

KwaZulu-Natal, Durban

Demolition Services and Supplies, Asbestos Removal, Civil Works Services, Plant and Construction Equipment for Sale or Hire


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