Business Listing for EzintshaEzintsha is a group of South African academics and health professionals who work with partners around the world.

We apply new technology to health-related problems, and work to extend access to effective drugs so that quality health care and medicine is available to everyone.

Ezintsha is a newly formed sub-division of Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute, which is part of the University of the Witwatersrand, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our areas of expertise:
- Treatment optimisation, affordable access to drugs and self-care – including TB, oncology and rheumatology as well as HIV

- Diversification of the current medical technologies portfolio from self-testing to diagnostics more broadly, in line with WHO strategies

- Patient monitoring and management systems to support a broader public health improvement agenda

- Patient-centric, technology-enabled, clinical research innovations with a focus on clinical excellence

- Mental health, diabetes, oncology, hypertension and strategic approaches to chronic conditions

- Support to other government priorities, such as transport health (taxi drivers, truckers)

Gauteng, Johannesburg

Medical Services, Research and development

Mrs Nkuli Mashabane

[email protected]