Greencon Planners (Pty) Ltd

1. Introduction

Greencon Planners (Pty) Ltd is a young and dynamic Construction & Project Management company. Established in 2017, The company is 100% black-owned by individuals from previously disadvantage background. Our mandate is to be active role players and part of the solution in combating the scourge of Unemployment, poverty and inequality that plagues our societies.

The company is aligned and compliant with the Department of Public works Program as an insurer and safe guard that the people benefit through projects happening in their communities both in terms of employment and empowerment.
The aim of the Company is to introduce different methods of under taking Construction maintenance projects within South Africa by providing professional Project Management & Construction Management services prior and during the project phase, this including the overall Planning, Programming, coordination and control of all project aspects from inception to completion, to ensure the end product is achieved within time and within specified budget as well as taking Safety and Quality into account.

2. Vision

To introduce benchmark standard as a competitive innovative and reliable engineering supplier and services in the market

3. Mission

To exceed all expectations of all companies we are rendering services through
1. Maximizing our business activities
2. Relentlessly striving for continuous improvement
3. Development of local communities

4. Objectives

1. Provide the highest level of consumer service and satisfaction before, during and after the sale
2. Provide a safe and healthy working environment
3. Deliver quality products and services
4. Create job opportunities

5. Services

1. Building construction works
2. Erecting and dismantling of provisional access Scaffolding
3. Plant Hire Services
4. Removal and Replacement of Industrial and domestic Insulation
5. Industrial and General Cleaning Services
6. Project Management

6. Target Market

The Company’s market target is in the building construction, Power Energy Generation, Mining and Petrol Chem refinery industries

7. Social Responsibilities

Our Social responsibility is supporting local initiatives by donations and Sponsorships events geared at community development.

8. Turnkey Solutions

Integral to the successful implementation of construction projects is the capacity to manage the overall project, in building terms, this is commonly referred to as being the “implementing agents”
This function entails the overall project management, from the sourcing of land, bulk and link infrastructure,

9. Transport and Communication

To maintain an effective communication and transportation we provide our workforce with reliable transport. This enables us to increase production level and meet set targets. We got transportation for our workers and material from construction sites. We still aiming to improve effectiveness and efficiency through procurement of more machinery and vehicles.

10. B-BBEE Status

In order to support the objectives of B-BBEE and to meet its relevant requirements we ensure that all of our procurement requirements are sourced from B-BBEE compliant providers

We continuously empower people through practical on-site training, and also provide employment opportunities

Limpopo, Lephalale

Building Upgrades and Maintenance, Construction of buildings, Cleaning Services, Coal Power Plant Construction, Maintenance and Operation, Project Management

Hlupeka Kapena

081 208 2838




This is an EME or QSE which is at least 51% owned by black people

This is an EME or QSE which is at least 51% owned by black people who are women