Honiball Master Fence (Pty)Ltd

Business Listing for Honiball Master Fence (Pty)LtdHoniball Master Fence, as a business, was established in 2010, but our team's combined experience in the industry reaches well over the 85-year mark, with a staff skilled in contract administration, cost estimation, construction and project management, qualified artisans and health and safety officers, you can rest assured you will be making the right decision when working with Honiball Master Fencing as a service provider. Our services include Security fencing, stock and vermin-proof fencing, electric fencing, steel palisade fencing, vibracrete precast walling, steel gate manufacture, Steel structures, construction and minor civil works, kerbing, paving, and low-cost housing.

Furthermore Honiball Master Fence is committed to the use of local community resources such as labour, providing assistance.

Fencing and Gates, Construction of buildings, Housing Development, Paving Supplies, Installation and Maintenance, Specialised construction activities

Honiball Master Fence