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Business Listing for ISO Quality ConsultWe design quality and environmental management systems in the most simplistic yet effective manner. We do frequent testing (internal audits) of the system, policy, procedure, instructions, environmental as well as health and safety to ensure continual improvement and relevance of the system to the latest production activities.

What we don't do is prepare the company and personnel for when the auditor comes to do surveillance or recertification audits. That is simply unethical and it renders extremely dubious sampling making the audit look good but in actual fact, there are multiple level failures or non-conformances.

One process though that always (well more often than not) have some kind of a non-conformance is maintenance. Because there are multiple levels of scheduling necessary and most, if not all flag systems are ineffective when done through MS Excel or similar programs. This is maybe the only instance where we highly recommend an intranet-based platform that can be integrated into your ERP. Yes, this comes at a cost but you should consider this cost-saving as maintenance becomes more predictive thus rendering better productivity and sales, the bottom line is increased and the platform is paid for in 2 to 5 years.

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