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Business Listing for Javu-Tase TechnologiesJavutase Technologies is a registered private company operating within the printing equipment and supplier. Javutase Technologies was established in the year 2017 by Sinethemba Javu, , who initiated this Business venture as an opportunity to make a difference in his community and job creation. The business operates in the information communication and technology sector His
Business venture consists of an internet café, design services, social media marketing and event related that has been operating from his house which is situated in Phillipi.

Sinethemba javu recognizes the high demand of certain resources and lack of Access to them throughout his community. He has made it his motive to provide such facilities to community members in an effort to improve the conditions of those without access. His main Drive is youth empowerment, he wants to provide job opportunities and computer training Development program. To start off, he transformed his living space into what currently stands as His internet cafe. Consisting of computers, a printer (with fax/scanning capabilities), and Quality internet service.

javutase Technologies has created convenience for people without Transport capabilities or people with obligations that clash with other internet cafes operational Office hours. In cooperation with his brother and friend. Javutase Technologies is one that caters to the necessity of resources through technology and easy access. In the entertainment Department, Sinethemba and his co-worker draft/finalize designs for various events and logos for local businesses.

Western Cape, Cape Town

Computer Backup Hardware, Software and Support, Workshop Tools, Machines and Accessories, Cash Registers, Point of Sale and Ticketing systems, Computer, Server and Networking Equipment, Arts, entertainment and recreation

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Javutase Technologies

Javutase Technologies