Kgwedi Cleaning Equipments

We are Exclusive Distributors in South Africa of UV-C Air Disinfection Equipments. It uses shortwave ultraviolet technology for the sterilization of air in enclosed spaces. The use of this equipment reduces the risk of airborne contagion in places where people accumulate, thereby reducing the viral and bacteriological infection of the air to a safe level. The environment is disinfected by interactions of the polluted air with the ultraviolet radiation of the germicidal lamps incorporated inside the device. Air circulates through the machine driven by built-in fans. The airflow inside the disinfection devices passes through filters that retain dust, allowing people to protect themselves from a complex of allergens found in dust. Preventing diseases is better than curing them! Start taking care of your health by breathing fresh air with Desair.

Gauteng, Johannesburg

Supplies: General, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Repair, Service and Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment, Sanitation and Hygiene Services, Equipment and Supplies, Wholesale and retail trade

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