Load Moment Testing and Training Services (Pty) Ltd

Load Moment Testing and Training Services (Pty)Ltd is a registered Lifting Machinery Entity (LME) with DoL specializing in inspection and load testing of all lifting machinery and lifting tackle. Load Moment Testing and training Services (Pty)Ltd also provides services such as NDT, CAD design and FEA, lifting tackle supply and sales, plant design and fabrication, rigging and heavy lift planning, training as well as welding procedures.

Load Moment Testing and Training Services (Pty)Ltd operates nation wide and has a solid history working in the renewable - and conventional energy, offshore oil & gas, marine, shipyards, construction and mining sectors to name a few.

Northern Cape, Kathu

Engineering Consulting, Cranes, Hoists, Forklifts and Lifting Equipment, Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Equipment and Services, Train and Coach Maintenance, Load and Performance Testing and Benchmarking

Johan Kruger

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