McBusterz Disinfecting Services

Business Listing for McBusterz Disinfecting ServicesWELCOME to McBusterz Disinfection and Sanitizing Services.
We offer and provide quality, guaranteed services at cost-effective rates for your contamination and Covid proofing control.
Our process is safe, efficient and fast.
No shutdown period is required prior to and after our Sanitizing, Disinfecting services.
We only use Accredited, certified, Safe, high-quality disinfectant.
It kills 99.999925% the Coronavirus and other pathogens i.e. all bacteria, viruses and fungi and is non-toxic (safe for humans and animals to consume).
We offer disinfection services to all commercial and residential premises, as well as providing Covid Proofing for up to two weeks.
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Gauteng, Johannesburg

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