Royale Kinging Projects Events Management

Business Listing for Royale Kinging Projects Events ManagementRoyale Kinging Projects Events Mangement was initially established in 2017 with the purpose of rendering services to the wide range sectors.

Servicing fields include but not limited to the following: Construction and Maintenance, Catering, Goods Supply and Delivery, Logistics, Event Production and Coordination, Housing Development, Hospitality Management, Event Management, Travel and Accommodation, Hiring and Rental.

The company also has an expertise in the fields of: Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plan Reports, Water Quality Monitoring, Water Quantity Assessment, Community Water Projects, Project Supervision and Management.

Limpopo, Polokwane

Event Management Services and Event Logistics, Construction and Building Services, Catering Services, Environmental Monitoring, Assessment and Consulting, Transportation

Mungadi Rendani Peter

[email protected]