ST Integrated Solutions (PTY) LTD

Business Listing for ST Integrated Solutions (PTY) LTDBasic Computer-Internet Services (Operational)

Our company provides the following services efficiently with the help of our modern devices and well-trained team members for a large number of our customers:

Local faxing
Internet (WIFI)
Developing/Editing CVs
Developing/Editing Application Letter

Business and related Services (Operational)

You want or need to house all of the great content of your business, inform and engage your target audience and at the same time, establish credibility and build trust with your customers, along with official documentation?

With our own skills and experience, we have registered our company and built our own website so worry not because we are here to happily assist you:

Develop and design a simple basic website with pages:
a) Home
b) About
c) Services
d) Projects
e) Blog
f) Gallery
g) Contact
Register and obtain SARS tax reference number
Register your business and obtain official documents including Reserved company name, Registration Certificate COR14.3, Notice of Incorporation COR14.1, Memorandum of incorporation COR15.1A, Approved domain name, Disclosure Certificate, B-BBEE certificate, etc.

Basic Computer Training Services (Pending)

The basic computer training is covering:

Introduction to computers
Mouse and keyboard usage
File and fold management
Introduction to internet and Emailing
Introduction to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Our company also assists with stationery materials to customers such as notebooks, pens, pencils, cards, books, writing pads, and sharpeners, etc. Booking in advance is recommended, using our contact details and we will happily assist.

Basic Office-Related Services (Pending)

The following services are underway and keep checking us online for latest updates:

Binding and laminating A4 documents
Developing and designing business cards, logos, invoices and websites
Computer software installation and system formatting or cleanup
Printing of business cards, brochures, fliers or pamphlets and posters

Transportation/Transfer Services (Operational)

Are you in need of transport for that special occasion or event?

Get in touch with us right now for a free quote and consultation so we can happily assist you.

Travelers could book a rental car to get around at their will, but some people do not like the idea of going through administration directly after a long flight or drive.
Public buses could be an option to help travelers reach their destinations, but again there is a timed intervals, meaning one has to wait until the boarding time of the bus for its scheduled stops in and around the city.
Private taxis could also be another option but they can be expensive.
Obviously, you just want to jump into a private car and avoid wasting time. Our company is offering a drop-off or pick-up (transportation) services and transport to and/ or from the airport for people who are in need, getting travelers from one place to another anywhere around Cape Town with our private, 5-seater car: Hyundai Grand i10.

However, you need to book in advance (recommended) using our contact details and we will happily assist you. Once booked, you will be sure to have a reliable transport arranged.

Prepaid and Transactions or Payment Services (Pending)

Flash device allowing use of all cellular networks to operate and necessary transactions or payments made by customers while receiving our respective services.

In terms of the technology, Flash machine is a secure device that has proven popular among vendors respective transactions or payments.

The sale and payment services include:

Prepaid electricity
Airtime and data
Account and bill payments
Selling of different soft drinks and other products such as amasi or naturally fermented milk, yoghurt and some snacks, etc.
Burning files or documents into a CD /DVD

Western Cape, Stellenbosch

Transportation, Computer, Server and Networking Equipment, Education, Training, Mentorship and Coaching, Telecommunications, Broadcasting and WiFi, ICT Hardware, Software And Network Support Services

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