Business Listing for StocklogCCStocklogCC is the leading supplier of German-engineered high-pressuresystems and solutions to the maritime and offshore, naval, merchant shipping,food & beverage and other industrial sectors.
Our team of trained engineers combine their cumulative 35 years’ expertise tooffer advice, build bespoke high-pressure solutions of up to 500 Bar, conducton-site training, and oversee routine maintenance contracts.
It is our high-quality systems and products, and the expert knowledge of ourteam of hand-picked engineers that continually position us as industry leadersin our field.
We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, with global distribution points.

Western Cape, Cape Town

Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Supplies, Installation and Maintenance, Gas Supply Systems Installation and Maintenance, Pumps, Valves and Pipes, Pressure Vessel Manufacturing and Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering

Peter Stock



This is an EME or QSE which is at least 51% owned by black people who are women