Business Listing for WomenSynergyWomenSynergy is a company that has been established to empower women, in a nutshell, it’s about the collaboration and the bringing together of women in business from all walks of life, to a common platform, irrespective of their educational, socio-economic, cultural or other backgrounds with the purpose of taking business to the next level.

WomenSynergy Pty Ltd is a premium supplier in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE) and we are based in Gauteng and the Free State.
We are very passionate in supplying a vast range of world class safety equipment to our clients guided by regulatory requirements and tailor-made client’s specific needs, we pride ourselves with diligence and excellence in delivering our products on time, we are flexible and adapt to our client’s budget while not sacrificing on quality. We conduct thorough risk assessment to ensure that we provide the right product for the right task.
Womensynergy, we are also in construction civil and general construction.

Gauteng, Roodepoort

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Supplies: General, Building Upgrades and Maintenance, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Construction and Building Services

Neo Musa

[email protected]