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Tender Title Tender Number Briefing Date Closing Date
The provision of wet refuse collection service to various suburbs of area east collections: khayelitsha - khaya, eyethu, oliver tambo nonqubela, victor mxenge, khayelitsha, victoria mxenge, ciko khayelitsha, nyeblele ct section, bonweni khayelitsha, at section, maphongwana 288S/2023/24 - 2024-07-22 10:00
Provision of professional services in respect of a team of multidisciplinary professionals to support the city with transport system and network planning and related services 280C/2023/24 - 2024-07-12 10:00
Supply and delivery of 12m low floor or low entry battery electric buses for the metro south east (mse) roll-out 153G/2023/24 - 2024-07-16 10:00
Supply and delivery of 12m low floor or low entry battery electric buses for the metro south east (mse) roll-out 153G/2024/25 - 2024-07-16 10:00
Professional services: integrated master planning, skills transfer and technical support 217C/2023/24 - 2024-05-13 10:00
The provision of certificate(s) of fitness (cof) entailing inspections and recommendations on various city of cape town vehicles on an ad-hoc basis 222S/2023/24 - 2024-05-15 10:00
Upgrade of the Atlantis Roads Infrastructure Management (rim) Depot 226Q/2023/24 - 2024-05-24 10:00
Term Tender for Supply, Installation and Retrofitting of Water Efficient Technologies City Wide 200Q/2023/24 2024-04-05 10:00 2024-04-26 10:00
Supply, install and maintain pepper spray security systems at various city of cape town water and sanitation sites 178G/2023/24 - 2024-04-10 10:00
To assess the best way for telecommunications service providers to make use of the city’s infrastructure RFI25/2023/24 - 2024-04-12 10:00
Appointment of service providers to provide human resources with professional support in the recruitment advertising process for the city of cape town 167S/2023/24 - 2024-04-02 10:00
Scm tc&a 323Q/2024/25 - 2024-03-14 10:00
Maintenance and administration (scada, database management system) including servicing (instrumentation & telemetry equipment) of the catchment, stormwater & river management hydrological monitoring information system 168S/2023/24 - 2024-03-25 10:00
Demolition and Building of a House Using Subsidy Quantum at in Khayelitsha, City of Cape Town, Western Cape on Behalf of the Nhbrc. NHBRC/B1/RFQ002/2024 2024-02-29 11:30 2024-03-11 11:00
Upgrade of the Vuyani Public Transport Interchange 134Q/2023/24 2024-01-26 10:00 2024-02-14 10:00
Upgrade of the Vuyani Public Transport Interchange 134Q/2023/24 2024-01-26 10:00 2024-02-14 10:00
The Construction of Non-motorised Transport Facilities and Universal Access in The Khayelitsha Area 104Q/2023/24 - 2023-12-12 10:00
Provision of professional services to support transversal project, programme, portfolio and contract management 93C/2023/24 - 2023-11-27 10:00
Servicing and repairs of small plant, such as construction, landscaping and marine equipment 85S/2023/24 - 2023-12-04 10:00
Repair of Bridge D15-02b on Roscommon Road Elfindale, Diep River 86Q/2023/24 - 2023-12-13 10:00
Design, build, operation and maintenance of the myciti automated fare collection (afc), intermodal transport control (itc) and on-board cctv systems 80S/2023/24 - 2023-12-14 10:00
The provision of staff transport 067S/2023/24 - 2023-10-24 10:00
Provision of real-time situational awareness and other aerial reconnaissance from a manned aircraft platform. 32S/2023/24 - 2023-10-10 10:00
Maintenance of highmast public lighting installations 38S/2023/24 - 2023-09-28 10:00
The Construction of New Buildings Including Alterations to Existing Structures at the Engineering and Asset Management Blomtuin 33Q/2023/24 2023-09-12 11:00 2023-10-12 10:00
Provision of lawn mowing services for the city of cape town 030S/2023/24 - 2023-09-19 10:00
Khayelitsha: DOEL: Labour Centre: Lease of new office accommodation for a period of five (5) years CPTL18/23 2023-08-16 11:00 2023-08-25 11:00
Khayelitsha: Labour Centre: Doel: Lease of New Office Accommodation for a Period of Five Years CPTL18/23 2023-08-16 11:00 2023-08-25 11:00
The provision of an armed carrier services for the banking/collecting and delivery of cash and documents 13S/2023/24 - 2023-08-28 10:00
Tree management and maintenance services for the city of cape town 009S/2023/24 - 2023-08-29 10:00
Supply and Delivery of a Comprehensive Cleaning Service to Khayelitsha District Hospital, for a Three (3) Year Period: Department of Health and Wellness: Western Cape WCGH SC 0357/2022 2023-07-06 10:00 2023-07-17 11:00
Supply, Delivery, Maintenance and Laundering of Laboratory Coats for Nhls Laboratory Staff (nationally) for a Period of Five (5) Years. RFB 003/23/24 2023-06-14 11:00 2023-06-28 11:00
Tender description: servicing and management of 100 litre container toilet waste tanks in areas of informality citywide 391S/2022/23 2023-06-20 10:00 2023-07-04 10:00
Appointment of a Construction Project Management Practice/ Architectural Practice as a Lead Consultant for the Provision of Multi-disciplinary Professional Cosultancy Services in Architecture, Civil ,structural , Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Construction Health and Safety Agent: Makhaza Police Station: Western Cape Province 19/1/9/1/153 TB (22) 2023-04-12 11:00 2023-04-26 11:00
Khayelitsha Hospital: Routine Maintenance, Service and Repair of Mechanical Systems for 24 Months ENG2027-2022 Khayelitsha Hospital 2023-03-31 14:00 2023-04-11 11:00
Re-instatement of Electrical Infrastructure, Harare (phase 2), Erf 33817 and Erf 33471, Khayelitsha. 44Q/2022/23 2022-08-03 10:00 2022-08-29 10:00
Construction of Civil Engineering and Electrical Infrastructure for the Mahama Infill Housing Project, Comprising of 261 Subsidised Residential Sites on Erven 21020 and 19464 15Q/2022/23 2022-07-20 10:00 2022-08-16 10:00
General Cleaning Services at City Buildings [leased & Owned] 276S/2021/22 2022-04-12 10:00 2022-05-03 10:00
Construction of Soft and Hard Landscaping for Infill Housing, Harare Phase 1 on Erven 2132 & 2148 Khayelitsha 236Q/2021/22 2022-03-10 10:00 2022-03-23 10:00
Appointment of a Security Service Provider to Provide Guarding Services for a Period of Two (02) Years with an Option to Renew at Khayelitsha Centre & Beacon Valley Shopping Centre, Western Cape Province sefa:63/FIN/2021 - 2021-10-22 11:00
Provision for Waste Management, Rubble and Provision of Waste Skip Bins at Prasa Stations in Western Cape Region WCR27/2021 - 2021-08-11 11:00
Construction of the IRT Phase 2A Depots East & West Spine Road 204Q/2020/21 - 2020-12-10 10:00
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Demonstration and Commissioning of Two Theatre Orthopadic Tables for Use at Mitchell’s Plain Hospital and Khayelitsha District Hospital WCGHCC095/2020 - 2020-11-20 11:00
Tdr 73/2020/2021 Alienation of Erf 20739, Situated at Alma Park, Extension 23, Mossel Bay (±3 023m²) TDR 73/2020/2021 - 2020-09-04 12:00
Tdr 74/2020/2021 Alienation of Erf 1055, Gcotyana Street, Kwanonqaba, Mossel Bay (572m²) TDR 74/2020/2021 - 2020-09-04 12:00
Tdr 72/2020/2021 Alienation of Erf 4534, Public Open Space, Situated at the Corner of Calitz Crescent and Stuurman Street, Asla Park, Kwanonqaba (±1 161m²) TDR 72/2020/2021 - 2020-09-04 12:00
Tdr 71/2020/2021 Alienation of a Portion of Erf 2462 (erf 2590) Situated Between Erven 2591, 2588 and 2589, Rasmeni Street, Khayelitsha, Kwanonqaba, Mossel Bay (±655m²) TDR 71/2020/2021 - 2020-09-04 12:00
Monwabisi Park Uisp Phase 1: Construction of Bulk Sewer, Water Main and Sidewalks 15Q/2020/21 2020-07-24 10:00 2020-08-12 10:00
Total Posts: 48

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