Kuils River Tenders

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Tender Title Tender Number Briefing Date Closing Date
Maintenance and administration (scada, database management system) including servicing (instrumentation & telemetry equipment) of the catchment, stormwater & river management hydrological monitoring information system 168S/2023/24 - 2024-03-25 10:00
Provide and Manage a Catering Service at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (ctli) as Well as Offsite Interventions for the Wced Head Office and Education District Offices for a Period of Three Years B/WCED 3082/23 2024-01-12 11:00 2024-02-05 11:00
The Construction of Non-motorised Transport Facilities and Universal Access in the Kensington, Factreton, Maitland Area 94Q/2023/24 2023-11-20 10:00 2023-12-04 10:00
Servicing and repairs of small plant, such as construction, landscaping and marine equipment 85S/2023/24 - 2023-12-04 10:00
Appointment of a service provider to enable digital accessibility of real estate related information. 76S/2023/24 - 2023-11-07 10:00
Supply, delivery and offloading of bulk sulphuric acid (~98% concentrated) and battery acid (~35% concentration) for use in water treatment. 73G/2023/24 - 2023-11-06 10:00
The provision of staff transport 067S/2023/24 - 2023-10-24 10:00
Framework Agreement Tender for Maintenance for Safety & Security and Other City of Cape Town Facilities for Redecoration, Alterations, Additions to and Construction of New Buildings and Structures 54Q/2023/24 2023-10-05 10:00 2023-10-27 10:00
Provision of lawn mowing services for the city of cape town 030S/2023/24 - 2023-09-19 10:00
The provision of an armed carrier services for the banking/collecting and delivery of cash and documents 13S/2023/24 - 2023-08-28 10:00
Tree management and maintenance services for the city of cape town 009S/2023/24 - 2023-08-29 10:00
Framework tender for the ad-hoc detection and location of underground services in the city of cape town 3S/2023/24 - 2023-08-25 10:00
Dualling of Bottelary Road Between Amandel Road and Saxdowns Road, Kuilsriver 243Q/2022/23 2023-03-17 10:00 2023-04-04 10:00
Ilabs/rfq 2021/22:257 Rubidium (99.9+ %) 10 Ampoules of 5g ILABS/RFQ TAMS/2021/22:03 - 2022-03-24 11:00
Refurbishment of the Lecture Theatre H3 at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) B/WCED 2489/19 2020-01-16 11:00 2020-01-27 11:00
Total Posts: 15

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